US sanctions will not affect Hong Kong (Hong Kong observation)

US sanctions will not affect Hong Kong (Hong Kong observation)

  United States recently announced "sanctions" Chinese officials on the grounds that they were "responsible for the implementation of national security laws in Hong Kong, threatening the peace, security and autonomy of Hong Kong." However, the reality on the contrary: it is because of the implementation of national security laws in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong street incendiary bombs bursting in air was able to end the chaos, peace and security before returning to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is clearly not the interests of the US concern, but messing up their own wishful thinking in Hong Kong.

  So far, the United States has on the ground of national security laws in Hong Kong for 15 officials, including Hong Kong and Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam, including the implementation of the so-called sanctions, China has to take counter-measures and so on.

The United States has the world’s most numerous and strict national security laws, but does not allow real double standard Chinese Shi Guoan enacted law in their own territory, but also directly related to the implementation of sanctions against Chinese officials, this "I can, you can not," the outrageous and shameless is really amazing.

  Hong Kong was one of the safest cities in the world, since 2019, has fallen into the "black storm" borders on terrorism among the mob set on fire, smashed, assaulting a police officer, who attacked public objections, lynch, throw during the more than 5000 petrol bombs.

Extreme protesters laid siege to the Liaison Office Building and the Hong Kong Legislative Council, insulting the national flag, national emblem defaced, "Hong Kong independence" words and deeds rampant.

Behind the large-scale organized crime, all the evidence points to the United States behind.

  For a long time, the United States will be seen as anti-China Hong Kong bridgehead and intelligence station in Hong Kong placed a large arrangement of light and dark forces. Illegal actions of street violence in Hong Kong from scratch and then step by step upgrade, financial assistance and training troops can not do without external forces, the United States can not do without agitation and organization in Hong Kong to take the lead political agents of planning. US public support for violence, solidarity with the "Hong Kong independence" elements, the HKSAR Government and the police attack, discredit the "one country two systems", Hong Kong resorted to a variety of sanctions, the United States instigated the whole process just as a replica of the "color revolutions" in other parts of the world.

  Fortunately, Hong Kong has the strong backing of the motherland.

Chinese central government decisive shot, promulgation and implementation of national security laws in Hong Kong, Hong Kong fill the gaps in national security law, so that the situation in Hong Kong ushered in turn chaos into governance. National security laws in Hong Kong on how to punish secession, subversion of state power, terrorism, foreign or foreign forces colluded with four categories of crime endanger national security to make clear that the protection of the vast majority of Hong Kong people’s freedoms and rights, aimed at a handful of stubborn extremist criminals. Which colluded with foreign forces crimes against national security, the United States being poked in pain.

With national security laws in Hong Kong, the United States wantonly buried wiring pile in Hong Kong, instigation days gone sabotage. US national security laws against Hong Kong, Hong Kong just because of the chaos and pain of being hit black hand hopping, where Hong Kong is to maintain "peace and security"? For the United States, Hong Kong, the more chaotic the more their preference, the more chaos the better start.

When the United States’ own massive protests, the government protesters immediately characterized as "thugs, hooligans and thieves" and dispatched National Guard, US politician has praised Hong Kong street violence offense "beautiful landscape" poles criteria behind is the low moral standards. Since July this year, the United States promulgated the National Security Law for Hong Kong to China continuously announced sanctions against individuals and entities. Chinese people have the force can bend the old saying, called the US sanctions extremely unreasonable, doomed to futility.

As director of the Liaison Office in Hong Kong Luo Huining said, "I have not a penny of assets in foreign countries, sanctions do not futile it?" Mrs Lam said, "it does not aspire to this country (United States), since the United States to initiate sanctions , it seems possible initiative to cancel the visa. "was included in the sanctions list of the United States, Hong Kong and other police officers have also audible, he said Hong Kong police without fear, means the United States can not shake their determination to protect the law enforcement. "Hong Kong independence" leader Joshua Wong et pleaded guilty in court, the US-led Western countries again jumped out to unwarranted charges to the threat of sanctions, can not wait to acquittal shirking its fed by political agents.

Hong Kong issue is China’s internal affairs, the United States will only strengthen the determination of the outrageous means the Chinese government to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, and strengthen China implement the "one country two systems" principle of determination and resolve to oppose foreign interference in Hong Kong affairs.

  The United States relied on are bigger, hegemonism in the world, wantonly interfere in other countries’ internal affairs, four waving the big stick of sanctions, frequently engage in trade wars, financial warfare, military war threatened his country, has let the world see their increasingly full of "democracy and freedom" the selfish and despicable true colors line. Unjust is doomed to destruction, the United States can not withstand huge family property and then squandered perverse, it will eventually pay the price for their actions.

(Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.