Red floating from the new Long March Road (shipping inheritance)

Red floating from the new Long March Road (shipping inheritance)

Gansu Hanning, Zuhe and Lihe in this convergence, history and modernity here.

In October 1936, the first, second and fourth Army of the Chinese Workers and Agriculture Agricultural Agricultural Agriculture were in Hining and the Shengbao Victory. At the time of the city, the soldiers who have worked hard have excitedly hug together, and they will not be released for a long time.

Red Army’s ocean, red iron flow, agglomerated into a red streamer.

Today, in the old site of the Red Army, the Ning Club, a sculpture called "Red Ribbon on the Earth" stands, marking the revolutionary high-rise attitude.

In October 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army, and the red streamer is dyed. Today, our heart is a red streamer, embark on the long march road in the new era.

Accepting the banner, inheriting the red gene in the victory memorial Memorial Memorial of the Ninghong Army, showing a revolutionary cultural relics – the Red Army propaganda team left the trispien. This is the owner of the triggered piano, is a red army old warrior, and Zhao Wenzhong, a military team member of the Red Four Army. In the past, when the army passed through the Bridge Avenue, the enemy was bombed. Zhao Wen had a serious injury, and he had to stay in the willing, this piano left him.

When there is time, Zhao Wen will give the folks to the revolutionary song.

The trumper sounds the revolutionary melody to pass the power of faith. With faith, it can make great long-prototypes inherit. The mountains and mountains of Hui Ning Dadi have also spread the story of the Red Army and the people who live together, and many people have spontaneously inherited the seniors, carrying forward the spirit of the Long March, Wang Dongliang, Wang Lin’s representative. Wang Dongliang’s Gaozu Wang Hao, once planned to donate money, support the Red Army stationed in Hongbaozi Village, leaving "opening the door to the Red Army".

Nurtured by the ancestors of the red family tradition and righteous deed, Wang Dongliang since 1996, the Red Army began collecting relics, reproduction "red memory", red spirit tradition stretches without a break. Drove more than an hour from Huining County, came to the town red Baoziwan Kuo Cheng Yi village, Wang Dongliang, Wang Lin, a couple of self-financing the construction of the museum will be located in this state. This covers an area of 10,000 square meters, construction area of 2,000 square meters will be State Museum, is a thing from a save on, built from brick by brick, and now the collection has reached 1 million pieces (sets), books and magazines 10 million copies, becoming a collection of farm house, museums, monuments, art galleries, cultural centers, traditional Chinese culture is one of the lecture hall integrated rural cultural compound.

Since its inception in 2010, the State Museum will be open free to the local people and tourists, the number of visitors reached more than 50,000 people by the end of 2016 was included in the first batch of Gansu Province Cultural Heritage "historical representation" One exemplary museum project.

"In the future we also intend to have the opportunity to expand the scale, caused the people to fight here ‘spiritual home’.

"State Museum curator Wang Lin would say.

Rich form, tell a good story red laughter, applause bursts, there will be the victory of the Long March Memorial Ning Hongjun within a theme of "party realignment would rather" live-action, immersive. "Long March, experience and sacrifice 11 provinces obstacles mountains and rivers, iron will, the blood, in exchange for a great meet." Through modern sound and light equipment, the three main Red Army joined the song is repeated singing. Listen, it is the joyous spirit of the beat of victory, but also through time and space call. The great tradition of the Long March spirit, innovative and diverse means of communication, is the mission entrusted by the times and opportunities.

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, the victory of the Red Army memorial opened, "the General Assembly would rather division" "the Holy Land of the Flowers" deft, vibrato account, settled headlines on other platforms, and "the General Assembly would rather division" micro-channel public number synchronous operation. The line orderly organization concept development, to break the constraints of time online, so that the history of science and technology come alive again, joined forces to make the story, the story of the Long March lively and long travels.

One visitor named Wang Yan Jing after the visit message: "motherland prosperity today, can not do without these heroes fought well.

Thank you for your selfless feat to make their country a better place, we will keep in your mind, always remind myself temper forward. "In order to promote the story of the red into the campus, 2017, will be the victory of the Long March Memorial Ning Hongjun was selected the first batch of" national primary and secondary research study practice education base. "

2018, the Red Army would rather join forces rely on the former site of the Red Army Victory Memorial Hall Management Committee, the former site of the Red Army would rather join forces and the Red Army Victory Garden three bases, launched a re-take the Long March, once joined forces to pay tribute to the Holy Land, learning to sing red songs such as "ten and" activities for the young people fully accept the revolutionary tradition and patriotism education, training and practice the socialist core values. Innovative, colorful theme of practical activities, so that past history into today’s classroom, educate, influence, and inspire people. By 2020, students will carry out practical educational research study "Ten a" victory of the Long March activities 209 screenings Ning Hongjun Memorial, number of people receiving education up to 25,697 people.

At the same time, will Ning Hongjun Long March Victory Memorial research and development of the Red Army would rather rendezvous site panorama puzzles, water "Long March Suite" "Qilu Long March" and other topics to write cloth, brush and other 10 categories of teaching aids 1100, experience teaching aids student population of more than 1100 people . Heritage witnessed the glorious history, but also reflected the light of spirit. Featured artifacts, write stories, heritage of faith. Ning Hongjun Long March Victory Memorial Museum curator Li Junfeng would say, "We are ready to heritage as the first person to tell the story, tell people, ‘I come’ ‘I witnessed how’ to explain the form of a rich, expand distribution channels.

Rich "unity ahead, encouraged by the fighting spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that" the great spirit of the Long March, as the Chinese Communists red gene and spiritual genealogy of an important part, has been deeply integrated into the blood and soul of the Chinese nation into a socialist core values nourish, inspire and motivate become a strong spiritual power of the Chinese people continue to tackle tough, from victory to victory.

"Looking back, the Long March in the mostly difficult, dangerous, poor, sleepy place. Ning will join forces to combat poverty, the more strides.

Kuo Cheng Yi County town red village Baoziwan will be a "farm house" where hangs a calligraphy: "yellow drainage mighty winds, trees Okawa edge of the village.

People giant hand to change rivers and mountains, ripe grain yield.

Sea change Kuwata. National Celebration of peace and prosperity, the four modernizations grand show.

Countercurrent river on the plateau, difficult to worry about basic necessities. Hull. "This poem entitled" Ode drainage Huang Po Zhenzi, "the word for, vivid reproduction of the great masses of the people to the Long March spirit for the lead, with diligence and wisdom to develop production of happiness.

Today, China’s progress and development is inseparable from the temper of the Long March spirit. Keep in mind the great spirit of the Long March, Long March spirit of great learning, carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, we continue to make it a powerful spiritual force into the future. "People learned from the Long March spirit there are many, one is to continue to struggle, never lose the spirit of hard struggle; the second is innovation, march on the road constantly encounters new problems and solve new problems, is the process of innovation; the third is down to earth, not just stare at the target, to begins with one step, to do everything.

"In the former deputy director of Gansu Provincial Party History Research Center Li Rongzhen opinion, drawn a blueprint for a new, open a new journey, is inseparable from the struggle, innovation and hard work.