Sive: Cooperation Win-Win is the only correct choice for China and the United States

Sive: Cooperation Win-Win is the only correct choice for China and the United States

People’s Network Beijing August 11th (prince), the People’s Daily News Forum held the "Current International Situation and Sino – US Relations" Online Seminar. The president of the National Committee of China, the president of the National Committee of China, said in the session of China, Sive, said that in the United States forcibly shutting down the Consulate General of China in Houston, China has made the necessary legacy response, China’s reaction is not only in line with diplomatic practice It is also the power of the world sovereign state.

The Chinese reaction is "reasonable, health, some festival".

Socome said that some political characters in the United States are in full swing for political purposes, and there is no shortage of China’s spare noise, and they will resurface the core interests of China, and negate the entire history of Sino-US relations. These actions have fundamental guidelines for international relations.

Socate said that in the face of the US, the reaction is determined and rational.

First, China will not take the initiative to provoke the event. China does not pick up, and it is not afraid. For the United States to infringe in the middle of the core interests, China must respond firmly.

You can’t listen to a small number of anti-China molecules. Extreme forces subvert the successful accumulation of Sino-US relations for decades, and listen to the direction in which it is uniformly developed in the United States. Second, cooperation is the only correct choice for Sino-US relations.

The two sides still have to continue to maintain rationality, equal communication and communication between the people of the two peoples, equal communication and exchanges, and strive to maintain the stability of Sino-US relations.

Third, in the international exchange, China still has to firmly take their own path, and continue to promote the construction of new international relations, human fate community.

China should adhere to the process and direction of globalization, and unswervingly go to the road of peaceful development. Of course, the most fundamental, the most core is to "do your own things", and continue to implement the "Six Bao" "Six Steady" work according to the central deployment. Socome said that the current Sino-US relations is facing the most serious challenges since its establishment. At this time, it is necessary to strive to keep some basic factors that make the Sino-US relations can run normal. This year, China and the United States have reached the first stage of trade agreements, but also beneficial to China and the United States, but also the world economic injection of the world economy, but also conducive to the stability of global economic and trade order.

Surg believes that China has always advocated that the trade war is no winner. China must strive to promote globalization, jointly build new international relations and human fate communies with the international community.

The Chinese side should be promoted is not only bilateral, and there are multilateral diplomacy, strive for win-win and win.

China has always advocated to build an open economy, but it must be soberly recognized that this is not in previous years, and now Sino-US relations have indeed faced the situation since the establishment of diplomas. In the face of the future, you must go to the future, grasp the right direction of the Sino-US relations. But at the same time, you must have the bottom line thinking, preventing all preparations. (Editor: Prince Hou, Zhang Guii) Sharing let more people see.