The first batch of the first batch of new recruits, doctoral staff, teaching ability, promotion training

The first batch of the first batch of new recruits, doctoral staff, teaching ability, promotion training

If the target is clear, the content is clear, the content is rich, and the form is diverse, which makes me benefit a lot, and there is a bit of a little longer. I sincerely thank the valuable opportunities given by the school and the leaders at all levels, let us get in a short time, they have given my strong infection and deep theory with a fresh teaching case and exquisite teaching skills. Make my thoughts glow passion, burning the fight.

Review the entire training process, we systematically learn the basic theory, teaching basic skills, teaching organization implementation skills, courses, education psychology, etc., and carry out micro-class teaching cases through teamwork Training and courses think about teaching design, which greatly enhances the learning effect.

On the new military road, we must establish a strong sense of responsibility, with "Human Don’t have to be in me, the function must have me", bravely, the burden, the brave is difficult; neither it is empty, no Summary, dare to walk the road that everyone has not passed, doing things that have not been done before, take out the "new ideas" to develop bottlenecks to develop bottlenecks, and broaden the "new road" of the battalion, strive to be strong military The row of the industry. Guan Qingxin passed this study, I benefited much. It not only clarifies the norms of the teachers of colleges and universities, but also strengthens the concept of students, mastering the teaching methods and techniques such as BOPPS, understanding educational psychology and innovation class, understanding the basic concepts and implementation methods of courses.

Moreover, finding his shortcomings, identified the direction of effort. There is a preliminary understanding of the concepts and basic design methods of MOOC, SPOC, and micro classes, and fortunately, a micro-class video recording is performed.

In addition, civilian personnel have clearer awareness in the role positioning and related policies in the army, and firmly believe in the ideal beliefs and draws the strength. In the future, I will study hard, try hard to learn, and make a job work as soon as possible, become the leader of the students, help others, and become an excellent college teacher, realize my dream. More than comrades, join hands together, to cultivate high-quality military talents with high-quality and political skills, to build a world-class army, realize the great revival of the Chinese nation, and strong military dreams are lifetime. Wu Yushe passed the hard study of this time, my thoughts and abilities have got a further sublimation and experience.

In the thinking, I not only learned the teacher’s head of the teacher and personal etiquette, which should be adhered to the college, and also know how to do pressure adjustment, emotional control, and be a happy college teacher. At the ability, I not only exercise the teaching language, PPT production, courses, and other teaching basic skills, but also in contact with cutting edge of micro-class, Muchings production, BOPPPS teaching method. Nowadays, I will see the term of the instructor. I think that the root of the first-line transmission party’s innovation theory, forever, forget the charge; thinking about the decades of exploration education and innovation, courage to practice; , Care care; thinking is a sacred, a responsibility, and a kind of responsibility. Our career is great, our mission is arduous, our development prospect is very bright. "Oriental wants to know, Mo Dao Jun is early." We must constantly learn to explore, struggle, do not stop, do yourself "cast sword can worker skills, swords of King Kong stone, bright swords".

"Unique heroes to draft, no more heroes," .