The Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee held a meeting to seriously study the important speech at general General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Central People’s Congress.

The Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee held a meeting to seriously study the important speech at general General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Central People’s Congress.

Original title: Thoughtfully learned the important speech at the General Secretary of Xi Jinping at the Central People’s Congress Work Conference, October 18, the Provincial Party Secretary Yin Li hosted the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, earnestly studying General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Central People’s Congress Work Conference, Commemoion Xin Hai Important speech at the 110th anniversary of the 110th Anniversary, and the recent series of important instructions, research specific implementation measures, deployed the promotion of the National People’s Congress, United Frontages, and Biodiversity Protection, Transportation, Import and Export and Old, Teaching Materials, etc. In 2021, we reported on the implementation of the implementation of the party’s subject responsibility and the implementation of the implementation of the province’s economic operation in the third quarter of this year. The meeting pointed out that the important speech at General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central People’s Congress will be a programming literature full of Marxist truth.

We must conscientiously study and implement the road of political development of Chinese characteristics, strengthen and improve the work of the new era, and constantly develop the people’s democracy in the whole process, strengthen "four awareness" with practical actions, and firm "four confidence", do To "two maintenance".

To effectively strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the work of the People’s Congress, put the work of people’s work in an important position, and include the overall layout of the party committee and improve the working mechanism of the party committee leaders. It is necessary to support the People’s Congress and its standing committee to perform the work according to law, and play a leading role in legislative work, and use a good constitution to give people a national supervisory power, and do a good job in the representative of the People’s Congress. It is necessary to enhance the level of performance of the people, support the people’s Congress to implement the whole process of people’s democracy and reflect the whole process of the work of the work, and continuously expand the people’s orderly political participation, and better protect the people of the people. The meeting emphasized that we must conscientiously study General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the 110th anniversary of the 190th Anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, inherit and promote the revolutionary spirit of 1911, and strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership, adhere to the socialism with Chinese characteristics, lead The people in the province promote high quality development transcendence and highlight the system advantage in real development results.

Do a good job in the United Front Work of the New Times, fully mobilize all positive factors, and form a strong synergy to promote development. Adhere to a Chinese principle and the "Nine-two Consensus", resolutely curb the "Taiwan independence" split activities, and actively explore the integration of the strait branches of the strait, in order to contribute to the unity of the motherland.

The meeting requests, to learn from General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Leaders Summit of the Fifteenth Conference of the Biological Diversity Convention, the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Traffic Conference, the National Speech and the 130th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair), aging, teaching materials and other important instructions, and promote the party’s various decision-making deployments in Fujian. Unwavering the road to green, low-carbon, sustainable development, vigorously promote ecological protection repair, strengthen publicity and education and knowledge, and ensure that important ecosystems, biological species are fully protected. Constructing an efficient modern transportation system, intelligent integration transportation support system, green integration traffic ecosystem, striving for a strong traffic area.

Promote high-quality development of foreign trade, in promoting the development of trade, cultivating the new movement of trade development, using an important import and export platform and other aspects. Integrate the development of aging, health aging, and further enhance the level of old-age service, develop old-age health career, and strengthen the old-age service industry. According to the national textbook work conference, strengthen the leadership of the party’s construction, highlight the combination of quality and standardization management, and grasp the teaching materials, and strive to build more boutique textbooks. The meeting emphasized that in-depth study of General Secretary General Xi Jinping’s important discussion on comprehensive from the strict governance party, unclusions and implementation of the strict treatment of party responsibility, and comprehensively improve the quality of the party. Always put the party’s political construction first, further understand to understand the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, improve the "two maintenance" institutional mechanisms, and carry out the education of party history, and deepen the study, and then investigate And then implement "activities. Comprehensively implement the organizational route of the new era, build up and down, implement a strong tangible system, and earnestly grasp the implementation of the first party context of the 11th Party Congress, the "two committees" and other key works of the village (community).

It is not possible to promote the construction of party-style and clean government and anti-corruption struggle, maintain strategic and strict primary base, continuously improved, not rot, not rot, do not want to rot. The meeting pointed out that this year, the province has resolutely implemented the General Secretary Xi Jinping to the Important Speech and the Party Central Decision Deployment, and conscientiously do the key tasks such as "five promotion and one defense and one control", the local epidemic situation is effective, economical The development of toughness continues to appear, and the people’s livelihood guarantee work is solid.

To strive to attack the fourth quarter, strive to complete the overall economic and social development target tasks.

Protect and stimulate market subjectivity, implement a good series of bail-ups and benefit companies, help companies travel through difficulties and healthy development.

Thousands of baq will expand effective demand, enhance their investment, and promote consumption, expand foreign trade space.

Promote the industrial and steady growth, vigorously develop specialty modern agriculture, and accelerate the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the quality of service industry. Continue to strengthen people’s livelihood guarantees, and continue to increase the focus of the people’s livelihood, do a good job in the peak winter electrical protection.

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