Si Wei: The first smart coupe of young people, the Chengdu Auto Show is not disappeared

Si Wei: The first smart coupe of young people, the Chengdu Auto Show is not disappeared

The consumption preferences that meet the zyge group have become a business consensus, especially in the automotive sector. At present, the domestic 10-15 million household vehicles have already present the trend of coupe.

As a smart coupe designed for young users, the young users, the sports performance of the coupe, and superior control and comprehensive intelligent technology have attracted attention.

According to the organizers, Si Wei will officially release and open pre-sale in Chengdu Auto Show.

Dynamic stylish shape design in the eyes of car enthusiasts, Si Wei’s appearance design combines young, fashion, dynamic, mysterious elements, and taste.

In terms of visual view, Si Wei used a split-style grille shape, and the "獠 獠" protlared bar is designed to make it full of wild breath. In addition, the penetrated lamp strip forms a sharp headlight group, and in the mask of orange black special painting, it has formed a unique visual view of Si Wei.

In terms of structural design, Si Wei is smashed with a smooth hull and a large trunk, "+ 溜 背" model, dynamic and economic performance.

At the same time, the groove design in the top of this car is significantly improved, and the rear is uncomfortable.

In terms of interior, Si Wei’s work materials, including T-form layout, floating multimedia screen, four multi-function steering wheel, shift docking, double color matching interior, piano paint panel, chrome-plated strip dotted and track seat No quality and competitive vitality.

In addition, the "Music Light Show" function is also worthwhile.

Si Wei’s built-in 60 seconds, long cool light dance, can bring the ultimate audio-visual feast; the five lens matrix runs through the LED meteor lamp, the maximum illumination distance is 100 meters; 181 nine-year Jiujijie cloth Array LED light source small particles, pole Future and mystery.

The burst movement of the cool dream thinking in kinetic energy, constructors, etc. In terms of power, Si Wei is equipped with platinum power, matching wet double clutch automatic transmission, 100 kilometers of comprehensive fuel consumption. The car can not only "" more "brake", which comes from the matching 8 + 9-inch double cavity vacuum booster, the cylinder diameter is 60 larger, the brake, the brake system HBA, the braking distance is large leading the public benchmark and Independent competitions at the same level.

In terms of sports kits, Si Wei Ra Race version is equipped with 18-inch Mi Yin Shengchi series tires, and the hub uses a smoked banner. It is equipped with a red sports caliper, highlighting the sedaus of the seda.

In addition, the Si Wei Race also provides cool sports exhaust options, including lanes, dial speed, car model driving, air conditioning blowing surface, engine sound waves and other multi-scene links, bringing the user’s real track immersion Simulation experience. Especially the RACE version also uses gentleness, 湃, frying the three kinds of sound waves models, like a dusty, giving passers-by, leaving the roaring engine roar. Combined with Magna chassis experts multi-wheel debugging, Si Wei optimizes the performance of the vehicle, especially in terms of controlling and smoothness. Intelligent Technology: Meet the Z-generation group According to public information, Siwei brand has made intelligent as an important brand gene to better meet the new needs of the Internet as a significant label. New needs. Automatic parking system.

Si Wei can fully complete the parking of a variety of parking spaces, vertical, oblique, etc. Ultrasonic radar and the aspective control unit. The voice control system leads a walk.

Si Wei’s car network and voice control system equipped with the latest voice system of Branch of Science, which can bring a rapid response of milliseconds; wake up the continuous dialogue of 90s, and issue a need.

It is understood that the car is equipped with adaptive sound source positioning, covering users from getting 272 functions from the parking space, especially the main service, and the co-driver can obtain a leading function of the respective service experience, sound source positioning.

The phone is the car key.

Si Wei is also equipped with a digital key function. The Bluetooth key is coexisting with NFC keys. On a mobile phone, you can play a car, support the digital key to share, family, friends easy to use.

At the same time, Si Wei is also created by NFC mobile phone (first use to be binding), you can unlock, start operation. In addition, Si Wei’s high models also equipped with CSS children’s legacy safety monitoring system. According to the organizers, Si Wei will unveil the Chengdu Auto Show and open pre-sale.

Industry experts say that Si Wei’s listing will be together with Siyu QX, Si Wei X8 and Si Wei A5 and other products to further enhance the market competitiveness of Siwei brand. Currently, Si Wei has an L2-level automatic driving assistance.

According to reports, Si Wei has been unlicensed, Huawei, Bosch and other partners, deep development and application of comprehensive intelligent technology, will emerge in more and more intelligent experience in the future.