Use cultural activation of urban development! This is the double-flow expression of innovation Tianfu culture.

Use cultural activation of urban development! This is the double-flow expression of innovation Tianfu culture.

Original title: Use cultural activation of urban development! This is the Shuangliu Expression of the innovation Tianfu culture. Every double-flow person, there is a unique, irreplaceable "double stream".

However, if you want to use a word to summarize its charm, it is the Tianfu culture, that is, a double-flow culture. Recently, Chengdu Shuangliu District Committee 13th National Committee and District Committee Economic Work Conference reviewed the "Decision of the Shuangliu District Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Division of China ‘s Shuangliu District".

Use cultural activation of urban development, double stream, reform flag, and innovate Tianfu culture. For the development of cultural confidence, the culture of development strategy is both strength and image, but also the kernel and soul.

It determines the city’s quality, shaping the spirit of the city, leading the urban development.

Shuangliu culture is an important composition of Tianfu culture. It is the first historical celebrity. The ancient silkworm shadow is the earliest called Wang. The first river, the Qing Dynasty, Liu Yuchengxuan Xuan School, Teaching, Chuanxi. The double stream has the character creation of the times, "Shuangxua" Lianzhu is the earliest marina of the origin for the world, "Double Circuit" paper for the world, the world’s earliest banknote "hand subway" special paper. Double streams have dared to do good, and after the reform and opening up, after 18 years of reform, I will lead the list of "Ten Qiang County" in the province. I have entered the new era with airport culture as leading, and the new chapter of China’s aviation economy is developing.

Chen Weifang, Vice Chairman of the Shuangli District, Local and History, said: "Historical culture is the root of a city, the soul of a city, silkworm culture, Han Han culture, Zuxuan culture is the three cultural landmarks of Shuangliu, and is also a typical representative of Tianfu culture. As a cultural worker in Shuangliu, I will actively develop three major landmarks. Li Guo, the head of the Shuangli Cultural Relics Protection Management Office, said: "I am engaged in Shuangliu cultural relics protection and excavation in nearly 20 years, double stream underground cultural relic resources and Ground cultural relics resources are rich, and there are many kinds of ancient buildings, ancient tombs, ancient sites, ancient caves, etc., through archaeological excavation, historical and cultural research, it is necessary, it is necessary, and it is also beneficial to create brilliant future.

"With the transformation of He Jian culture, the innovation of the innovation Tianfu culture is rooted in the Chinese culture, inheriting the core connotation of" innovation, elegant and fashionable, optimistic inclusive, friendly and public welfare ".

Standing in the history and era, the Shuangliu will be ambitious, wide cultural realm, do not forget the original, absorb the foreign, for the future, and let the Tianfu culture in the new era, the future. Xie Yan, director of the Shuangli Cultural Sports and Tourism Bureau, said: "Chengdu put forward the construction of the world cultural city, double stream positive response, the first to introduce documents in the city, strengthen implementation.

This decision on innovation Tianfu culture is the biggest feature is innovation, through innovation, and continuously improve the vitality of culture. As a Shuangliu cultural worker, deep sense of responsibility and glory.

In the future, we will implement this decision with all the staff and the vast people of all cultural fronts.

"Shuangliu Wenfang Vice-President Zhou Kaihua said:" Our literary art must go down, dive the body, excavate our cultural spirit, cultural pulse, create a big artistic culture worthy of Shuangliu.

"How to build a cultural style, Table of Table, how to innovate the Shuangliu, how to invite the wisdom of the Tianfu culture. In summary, it is to further promote the excellent traditional culture, inherit the civilization of the Bashu, and the value of the Tianfu Culture. Tianfu culture Shuangliu expression carrier and form, creating Tianfu Tourism Name County, waving the magnificent chapter of China’s aviation economy.

Xie Yan said: "In addition to the decision of the introduction of the Shuangliu Culture of the Tiandu Culture, our district has also launched two related 3-year attack task list, which plans to pass a significant double-flow cultural landmark by 2 to 3 years; design a group of cities LOGO, placed in urban home and city landscape design, let the city’s cultural infiltration throughout the city. At the same time, by the Universiade, use the Yingying City, use good portal resources, vigorously develop international cultural exchanges, publicize urban cultural brands .

Jiang Guiqi, the relevant person in charge of the Shuangli District Dongsheng Street Integrated Cultural Service Center, said: "The next step is to explore our traditional culture, and in the development of cultural activities, it is more close to the needs of the people, and fully meet the spiritual culture of ordinary people. .

"Cultural construction, never the storm rainy madness, but trickle, no sound, moisturizing, careful and fine process.

This process is a cultural brings to us. We believe that with the continuous in-depth expression of innovation Tianfu culture, we will usher in the new era of "nine days to open a Chengdu, thousands of thousands of people into the picture". (Ma Li, Li Weiwei) Source: (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).