Ru Shigu Town Article China National Geographic Network

Ru Shigu Town Article China National Geographic Network

Lu Shiugu Town, there is no stunning scenery, and even the old and old, but the smoothed shredded stone, the smoothing crushed stone will be collapsed, and there is also a secret of hidden history. Ru Shigu Town is the first town in the western Yunnan, and is also one of the most mysterious three ancient towns in China.

Lu Shiugu Town Self-built Town, Lu Shiji, the old town of Lu Shiji, ancient times, ancient times, Duan Dynasty, Lishi, Lishui, Kunming, Northern Lijiang, Tibet, direct India, Nanjin Fengqing, Zhenkang, Reni An important station in Myanmar.

When I came to Lu, Xu Xiake came to Lu, I was launched in a prosperous rich and prosperous. For hundreds of years, I don’t know how many horses come and go, the trading is connected, and the trading is lilated. Into the north to the South to enter the silk, transport the department store, transport the Central Plains culture, and transport the tea from the south to Beiyun, transport the medicine, transport Going out of the mountain.

Hard like Rutch Road, the horses who are hitting the Yang Zhi-like horses stepped out of the foot.

History, Lu Shi is an important transportation hub and station of Fengqing leading to Lushan, Shimuan, Kunming until the Central Plains. Fengqing County and Lu Shizhen are located in the tea horse ancient road to the Southeast Asia. It is also a "tea town" in the middle and abroad.

Nowadays, Golden Village, Ru Shizi is still left with hundreds of wild ancient tea trees.

Fighting and shifting, with the ancient road of the tea, Lu Shigu, like a lot of flowers. The ancient town has not fallen, even if the tea of ??the ancient roads of the tea is expensive to be a national cultural relics protection unit, even if the tea horse in the anti-Japanese War is an important lifeline of the international rescue China, Lu Shi in the famous gas work is still sluggish. The bluestone is the road, and the ancient town is divided into two. In the past, the stack is standing on the stairway street street, the stone stubborn, the paved stone, the stone is flushing under the grinding of the horse.

The paving stone in the top of the ridge, the weightd horse iron troves, the heavy latches are taken, and the rain is accumulated, like a round mirror, the blue sky is in the mirror, and the mirror is in deep history in the mirror. .

There are shops in the old street old people. The mud wall has no outer skin, square earth block is full of wind and dust, and the wall is still like a butterfly farm, the wall is yellow, and the walls of the wall is yellow, waiting for the spring. After several broken door buildings collapsed, the past has become a rubble, and then pick it up.

More residential shops, survived in the years. Rough wooden door shop is a luxury landlord, many people with the "Junchang" tea village of Locke, and the homestead is exquisite. Luo Yingmai is the first artificial tea of ??Lu Hi, who has long been engaged in tea trade.

In the rich courtyard, I still live in Luojia.

The construction of the house is mainly in the northern Siheyuan and Jiangsu Zhejiang three-in-law models, and the mud wall.

The door building, the wall, and the eaves of the Chinese style, poetry, couplet, and inquiry Chinese Tibetan wind gathering, resisting the coldness of Western Winter Day.

The slate tiles are on the roof of the roof. The small town in the ancient tea road is located, the history is long, and the people from the South Lai north will come to this settlement. Businessman comes with a gift of Lu Shi during trade. Today’s ancient town is lonely, the old children’s children are running, but very few young women have emerged, and the young woman who has passed with me, the backpack writes the words of precise poverty alleviation, I want to be a government staff. Now Lu Shi is a poor area, which has long been unrestrained, and because of the persistence of Rubi people, the town retains the original quaint Chen Xiang. I respectfully walk, respectfully stop, respectful shooting, respectful listening, so quiet ancient road has a complicated voice, far away, it is a horse and hoisa, and Ma Linger squats, urge horse Drinking, the horse is helping the people, the door panel disassembles the sound, the store’s welcoming voice, the hot oil, adding tea, there is a kind of lipstick. The waves wrapped in the river in yesterday, the Changhe Zhong Zhang returned to the film, there is "Fengshan Spring Festival", the lost top-level 滇 tea, contains deep fragrance; the shopkeeper with eyebrows The young man grates the horse to help the merchant; there is a tea horse ancient road with the enchanting dust woman eye wave, there is a white fog around the mouth of the horses; there is a horseshoe, there is a firecracker after housing; Ming; there is a smile in the four neighbors of his wife and children.

The traditional village of the central financial support is one of the more than one of the ancient architectural groups that have been preserved and larger in Yunnan. Protective recovery of ancient buildings in the village.

Sifang Street ancient Tao Tai Square is full of building materials, and the Arugi Patrol Division has been repaired.

Here is the center of the ancient town, and it is also a gathering place. In this trading commercial goods in the past, it is a lively place to have a famous gas. Sanjie Qixiang extends to the surrounding radiation, there is no love in the latter, there is no love in the next corner, but it will encounter another big house door, some faces all the unrecognizable, many people hit the house, not free of chicken cat The dog fights; some are still elegant, the door is proud of the big yellow pegs.

The largest and most static architecture of Ru Shigu Town is the Yunda Academy. The Academy is built into the Town of Luti Town in Tea Horse Road. A single-wood Linked Bodhi tree is shade, one side is in the Qingquan, and I want to come to the machet. I have a serious gas, I’m going to have a heavy gas: "I can rest.

"Bodhi tree, the wind shining tree of the ancient town, the dislocation of the dislocation, the expression is the green gluten on the arm, and the roots are tough.

Gu Quan, the gods of the Dragon King, respectfully, the incense, Qing smoke, the two prototype stone carving the beasts disappeared in the corner of the rain, but still the wind. Yunda’s books Yunda Academy fly tall and gorgeous, just built in the ancient town, there is some embarrassment, and the ancient town is quaint, and I don’t know what the purpose is when building buildings.

On the book building, the book is overlooking the whole picture of the ancient town. The ancient town is built on one side, and the Yattle’s Dava loess wall is like a small white strap like a smoke past.

Lu Shi is mysterious, the material is believed that the mystery of Lu Shi is because the geographical location is remote, the traffic is inconvenient, and the horse has fallen, the horse has disappeared, and it will become a relatively closed space here. The outside people do not Solve the various rumors, but this is just a small factor. The history of God is blowing in history, but the ancient town is bustling and the golden powder is still from ancient times, although there is no shortage of high school.

After reading the book, how many people have pursued their children in the past, and the home of the poems, how many people will dream. In the silent troops, the science test is almost easy to lift, this is a climax in the Qing Dynasty, there is no accurate statistics, but the people in the town are rich in the rich business or Chai Mun farmers, and every family has a showcaster. The figure is fro, or even a multiplayer is not very rare. Time machine rotation to the present, the children of Ru Shigu is working on government departments, financial industry and other industries, among which is quite quantified by the head of the country. Lu Shi, ten households have national public officials in nine households. Einstein said: "The end of science is theology." This mystery of Lu Shi, which is related to the ancient town, and also related to Baodi Feng Shui! .