The man is in Xi’an Yansan Park Night Runned by the iron chain, and the flying bridge runs violates the rules.

The man is in Xi’an Yansan Park Night Runned by the iron chain, and the flying bridge runs violates the rules.

[Abstract] On the afternoon of November 18, Huashang reporter contacted the responsible person of Yansan Park. He said that the sightseeing bridge located in Xihuan Road belongs to Yandan Park Management. In order to facilitate the public’s fitness walk, the park is hung on the exit to avoid electric vehicles on the overpass. "My mother began to blame me for running, she didn’t understand after going to the scene." Mr. Chen said. When I ran down the bridge, I was trapped by Bridgekou, I lived in the western Avenue of Xi’an, 9 o’clock on November 15th, and he went to Yansan Park to run exercise.

Mr. Chen said that Yansan Park is very large, Nort-north, Xiyi Third Road is the park in the park. The sightseeing bridge in the garden has across the south of Xiyu 3rd Road. "I have no logo from Lujing, next to it, from the south exit The iron chain hangs in the exit, which was stumped in the ground. I woke up at the time. I woke up until 10 o’clock. I called my family to call the family, and I went to the weapons and industrial five secondary hospitals. According to Ms. Ms. Ms. Ms. Ms. Ms. Ms., at 10:16 on November 15, Mr. Chen made a phone call, but did not connect, then Ms. He made two calls to Mr. Chen, not connected Pass. At 10:17 on the evening, Ms. He has only opened the phone.

Ms. He said: "He said that he was running, some seriously, I made him hurry to the hospital." The outpatient medical record of the Warm Industry 521 Hospital shows that at 10:51 on November 15th, Mr. Chen initially diagnosed To "there are many skin soft tissue wipes, brain shock, partial teeth, partial toothed tooth, gantoma], lower lip frustocratic injury.

"On the morning of November 18, Huashang reporter saw Mr. Chen, his left face was slightly swollen than the right face, and there were 5 obvious scratches in the left cheek. When interviewed, Mr. Chen was very hard, The oral toothed was unclear. He told reporters that "I didn’t expect that there will be a chain there, I can’t see it at the scene.

"After the injured photos provided by Ms. Mr. Chen, Mr. Li, after the incident, Mr. Chen’s chin, the lower lips were obvious, and there were many unspeakable blood in the face, and the teeth were impaired, and the gums also had a certain degree of damage.

  "The doctor said that his 3 injured teeth can’t keep it.

Ms. Li said, on November 17th, she went to Yansan Park to view, and found that there was a chain at the exit of the sightseeing bridge, there was no warning from any warning. Slogan, "I think his fall, the park has unneashed responsibility. "Mother: I started to think that young people are a bit too much. After the scene, the question is really big. Ms. Li said, she found the person in charge of Cao surnamed Yannan Park. The other party said that the park has been accepted. But the garden is not responsible, the iron chain is to avoid electric vehicles entering, "I can’t accept it, there is no warning near the iron chain, now people are injured, can they be responsible? "Ms. said, on the afternoon of November 17, when the daughter-in-law went to the park staff to negotiate, she didn’t agree." I think the child will fall, because he does not pay attention to his own running, resentment is not allowed.

"On the evening, she went to the incident of Mr. Chen, Yannan Park," There is a shadow in the evening, it is difficult to find a chain. "The video provided by Ms., the photo shows that when you go to the sightseeing bridge, it is completely unable to judge whether there is a chain at the exit, and there is no obvious tips nearby.

According to the reporter, because the night light is dim, the trees are shadow, the shooting is still clear from the iron chain at the import and export, only when there is a lantern nearby, in order to see the iron chain Try microscopic. At noon on November 18, China Business News reporter and Ms. Li came to the incident near the intersection of Xizhan Road and Shenjiaqiao.

Sightseeing Bridge The import and export of the sightseeing has a silver chain, which is laid on the side of the rails "forbidden over, prevents falling, and the consequences", "Yandan Park Xuan" below. Ms. Li said, "When I came here on November 17, I didn’t post it at all, and this notice was very unambiguous, and I couldn’t get a reminder of passers-by." Garden: Tianqiao runs violates park stipulations. November On the afternoon of the 18th, the Huashang reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of Yannan Park.

He said that the sightseeing bridge located in Xihuan Road belongs to Yandan Park Management. In order to facilitate the public’s fitness walk, the park is hung on the exit to avoid electric vehicles on the overpass.

According to Ms. Li, on November 15th, Mr. Chen was running in the bridge. Due to the next day, he didn’t pay attention, it was broken. At 6 o’clock in the afternoon of the 17th, Ms. Li is looking for them. "I said," I said. "We know, I feel that we have no responsibility, wait for us to transfer the monitoring, let’s take a look.

"At 6:30 pm, Mr. Cao contact Hua Shangxin reporter. He said that before and after this year, Yansan Park widespreadly widespread the opinions of the masses, and implemented the" Link Chain Examination Electric Vehicle "Convenient Measures.

Daily, the broadcast of Yansan Park will also play the "Sky Bridge Forbidden Run" tips.

After the garden investigation, Mr. Chen runs on the bridge at night, seriously violates the relevant provisions of Yannan Park management, so his injury, the park is not responsible. "In the afternoon, Ms. Li said that it has been alarm, we will Fully cooperate with the police investigation, if the police believe that we are responsible, we are willing to bear, if we are not responsible, Mr. Chen and Mr. Li can go to the court to sue. "Because the manager did not end up with the security obligation, he caused him to harm the people." Lawyer, Zhang Zhijuan, Beijing Yizheng (Xi’an) Law Firm, Beijing, said that according to the first thousand and ninety-eight paragraphs of the "Civil Code" seventh editing responsibility: "Hotel, Shopping, Bank, Station , Airport, sports venues, entertainment venues, etc. Operators of public places, managers or mass activities, have not ended safeguards, resulting in harm to others, should assume infringement responsibility. "Yansan Park implemented Convenient initiatives "Linking the chain to prevent electric vehicles" should ensure the traffic safety of the Tianqiao road, ensuring that there is a significant security warning sign at the chain, reminding the public to pay attention to safety.

From this incident, the park manager has not fulfilled the security obligation, causing the iron chain when he is running, and should assume infringement responsibility. In addition, Mr. Chen as adults with complete civil capacity, pay attention to safety while running at night, if necessary, carry lighting items such as mobile phones, etc. property loss. Considering the cause of this incident, Yansan Park sets the nature of the iron chain on the bridge, the degree of fault between the parties and the causality between the fault behavior and the consequences of damage, Mr. Liu should also bear the corresponding responsibility for their own damage.

  The park not only reminds the obligation, but also has the obligation to set the eye-catching security warning sign. The results of personal damage occurring, in line with the infringement responsibility, the park management facies the infringeserters in this infringement.

  According to the relevant provisions of the park design specification, the striking safety warning sign should be set in the area that may affect personal safety. This event is located in the sightseeing of the sightseeing, the lights and other reasons, which are clearly can’t see the iron chain at the import and export, although the park party has broadcast reminders, fulfilling the reminder to tell the obligation, but it is necessary to pay attention to it. The security of security should include eliminating safety hazards or tips, in the case of not clearing the iron chain at the import and export, the park party does not have a strong warning sign that may have an eye-catching security warning sign that may affect personal safety, so the park Embodiments may not end up with the general reasonable security obligation. In addition, because of the prevention and payment of safety hazards, it should be shared between the manager and the participants, and Mr. Chen should also assume some responsibility. Therefore, according to the principle of rights and obligations, participants should have done their own attention to their participation places, such as the service and facilities that the park can provide, there is no obvious flaw and safety hazard, and the danger of concealedness can be discounted, The corresponding infringement responsibility should be assured. Hua Shangxin reporter Zhang Peng Kang Source: Hua – China Business News.