The divorce rate climbed year by year, there is a big shocked mob – Guangming time comment

The divorce rate climbed year by year, there is a big shocked mob – Guangming time comment

The core viewpoint divorce rate climbed year by year, is there a big strange? Deng Haijian: Recently, the "2015 Social Service Development Statistics Publication" announced in the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 2015, China has a total of 10,000 pairs of divorce procedures in accordance with the law, the rough divorce rate is ‰, compared with the data of China’s crude divorce rate in 2002, In the past 13 years, China’s crude divorce rate has climbed year by year.

  China’s divorce rate is high? In the longitudinal comparison, my country’s earliest poem "The Book of Songs" is written to "the hand of the child, and the child", and China’s traditional marriage concept said that it is too casual.

In the horizontal comparison, the divorce rate in developed countries is basically four-five, which is our double, as if we are so conservative. Of course, divorce this matter, there is no need to chase your best.

What we want to analyze is why numbers change. For example, some people think that the marriage relationship in modern society is fragile. Some experts have analyzed that the modern people are too strong enough to include, plus the introduction of the marriage law judicial explanation 3, as if the cost of divorce is getting lower and lower, everyone will come to the "cheap" of divorce. Said a thousand tens of thousands, in fact, the marriage relationship in modern society has become more free, so the divorce rate is hunch and climbed. But the freedom of marriage is fragile with marriage and fragile is two yards.

Even if there is a marriage certificate, it is glad to the same bed, such a marriage relationship is rugged? A more popular, the rough divorce rate has been more than 3 times in 13 years. Society software such as Mo Mo WeChat is considered "new killer", then, according to this logic, the watermelon knife must be a murder, the beauty is a red disaster .

  These statements, but it is reversed the internal and external relationship between life philosophy.

Do you want to divorce, you have to have a parties say something, forcing him, or forced him, it is not big.

For example, in some places, the building purchase policy has been forced to stage a fake divorce, but finally, there are very few fake plays, and Shanghai Pudong and other places, launch various limited number divorce, the result The row is also left.

You say that you see a divorce, I still see that I can’t get married.

  Flash marriage or flash, after all, is also a small probability event, deciding whether the two sides can’t over, or the operation and efforts of each other’s marriage life.

Not marriage is fragile, but whoever leaves no one can live.

Married can be proud, but the divorce is not shameful. As for the definition of happiness, Dink families, single nobles are recognized, the weak variables in marriage, match this multi-diverse, and what is worth a big strange. ( reporter Liu Feya Zhang Wei Cao Yimei hierarchy).