Single family has become the main model of marriage rate and aging in Korea

Single family has become the main model of marriage rate and aging in Korea

Source: HAN SHIP People’s Network, January 26 (Yang Fan) According to the latest data released by the South Korea Administration, as of the third quarter of 2021, the Korean exceeded 9.36 million families as a single household, accounting for the overall%. Single family proportional exceeded 40%, the number of married couples with children, and single families have become the most mainstream family form of Korea. Experts analysis, the changes in marriage concepts are one of the reasons why you are in a single family in young people. South Korea Statistical Office Data show that the unmarried rate of men from 30-40 years old in 2020, the first time exceeds 50%, reaches.

This means that the average of a unmarried man in a male in a marriage, online and even "three unmarum (30 years old is not married male)" such a new word to describe this group.

The proportion of unmarried women aged 30-40 is%, compared to 2015, which means that women’s marriage will also change. The reporter learned through an interview that "marriage burnout" and high housing prices have a certain relationship.

A respondent working in big business said, "Although my work is very stable, the income is not bad, but it is impossible to buy a house only, so I will not consider the marriage." With the single group Expanded, the demand for small apartment apartments in recent years gradually climbed.

According to statistics, in the first half of 2021, the trading volume of small apartment apartments below 60 square meters in Korea accounted for about half of the total transactions. In addition, the acceleration of population aging has led to more and more olders in the elderly. Data show that in single family, older people over 70 years old, accounting for more than 60-70 years old. According to the gender, 30-40 years old, the average proportion of women over 70 years old is higher. Experts believe that the Korean government needs to formulate corresponding policies in a timely manner, providing health care, life, etc. →→.