Shaoxing Meihe Lake enabled "health code"

Shaoxing Meihe Lake enabled "health code"

Recently, Shaoxing City "Beautiful River Lake Electronic Map" is online.

The city’s 38 provincial-level beautiful river lakes, the location, introduction, surrounding attractions, water conservancy heritage, and new identity logo – "Health Code". Open Shaoxing "Beautiful River Lake Electronic Map", you can see that 40 river lakes are hugely distributed on the map, click on small icons, rivers and lake names, introductions, and surrounding special scenic spots, water conservancy legacy, etc. "The electronic map consists of 38 provincial-level beautiful rivers and 2 national water conservancy scenic spots, and there is a total of 15 specific indicators for lying, and the number of standards is given the ‘green code’. .

Qin Linlin, director of the Shaoxing Water Conservancy Bureau Water Conservancy Engineering Management, said that the beautiful river lake health code is assigned from 15 specific indicators from five large-scale safety, ecological health, cultural integration, efficient management, and moisture, harmony, and provide. River real-time health information.

During the supervision process, the staff will pass the electronic map, focus on water-related facilities, water destruction events, environmental pollution accidents, water-related illegal incidents, regular summary, strengthen dynamic supervision, and track the health status of the river lake through large data. "We share the best highlight of the beautiful river lake in Shaoxing City lies in a ‘motion’ word, that is, the beautiful river Lake health real-time ‘dynamic’.

Wang Jianyong, member of the Party Group of Shaoxing Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, said that if the total number of indicators reaches the quantity of the standard, it is necessary to change the "yellow code" or even "red code" show the police, and ask the relevant responsible unit to rectify the work, restore the health of the river and lake as soon as possible. The beautiful river lake lights "health code", the rivers and lake information is integrated, allowing query and supervision more convenient, more intelligence, helping to build a long-active mechanism for beautiful rivers and lakes, forming "smart treatment" management protection pattern In the early stage, Shaoxing, a provincial-level beautiful river lake, due to heavy rain floods during the flood season, and its "health code" is changed from green.

Under the guidance of the Shaoxing Water Conservancy Bureau, the relevant responsible units take effective measures in time, and strive to restore the health of the river and lake, so that the "yellow code" will turn "green code". The "Beautiful River Lake Electronic Map" released, in addition to the basic information of the 40 river lake and water conservancy scenic spot, also included 64 tourist scenic spots around the river lake, 17 3A demonstration villages, 564 special budgets, 40 stars The basic information of the hotel and specialty catering, and the traffic navigation function can be implemented on the mobile. The water environment, water ecology and water culture are also organically combined. On the map, 18 important water conservancy projects, 13 water conservancy sacrifice buildings, 19 cured people, 14 water conservancy, etc. related literature, through the platform Show new era water conservancy spirit and show out excellent local culture.

Shaoxing is a well-known Jiangnan Water Township. In recent years, through the ‘beautiful river lake’ creation, the scenic spot of a large number of water views is shining in Cao Yuejiang, Pubang River two sides. "Wang Jianyong said that the electronic map of this online is not only a river lake. Healthy "Electrocardiography" is a "travel guide". It can easily view the information of the river lake through scan code, which provides reference and convenience for the public, and tourist tourism provides a good atmosphere of "national treatment".

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