The Russian Navy will be installed three nuclear submarines at the end of 2021.

The Russian Navy will be installed three nuclear submarines at the end of 2021.

On March 19, 202, the Russian Navy General, Nikola Yevmev, will be said in the Interview of the Russian "Hongxing", the Navy will receive 1 "God-A" before the end of 2021. Level Strategic Missile Nuclear Submarine "Prince Oreg", and 2 "Yarsren-M" nuclear submarine "Kazan" and "New Siberia".

These two famous strategic nuclear submarines are powerful? What is the impact of Russia’s deployment will affect its nuclear power? "The God of the North Wind – A" blade out of the "Oleg Prince" is an improved "955A" project ("The God of the North Wind-A" level) The first batch of built-in built fourth-generation submarines, in 2020 Water on July 16. The nuclear submarine is an important part of the Russian strategic nuclear power in Russia, which can carry 16 "Brava" intercontinental ballistic missiles as basic weapons. "The God-A" (955a) class nuclear submarine is currently the strongest underwater shipper in the world, designed by the Russian Red Gemstand design, belonging to the fourth generation ballistic missile nuclear submarine "North Wind" ballistic missile nuclear submarine (955 project, the code "BOREY") upgraded model, using more advanced muffle noise reduction technology and propulsion system, canceled the "Turtle Back", updated the electronic equipment and communication system, the automation level is greatly improved, boatman The preparation is also reduced.

"Yarson-M" Feng Men, on August 10, 2021, the 11th Submarine Director of the Northern Fleet of the Russia, Major Zhunkov, is said, "Yason-M" (885m) attack-type nuclear submarine "Kazan" Entering the Navy in May this year, it is possible to carry the "zircon" high ultrasound speed missile to fight terrestrial and sea goals.

The "Kazan" is the second "Yason" nuclear submarine, which is also the leader of this level of submarine ("Yason-M" level).

When Zullingkov reported to the National Defense Minister Shaoi Gu, the "Yarsren-M"-level submarine is equipped with the "Gem" anti-ship missile, "zircon" high ultrasound speed missile or "caliber" cruise missile Functional transmitters can implement multiple hits multiple attacks on the enemy at sea and land goals.

Compared with previous submarines, the latest nuclear submarine hidden is better, more motor, communications and sonar systems are upgraded, and better living conditions.

According to the Development Strategy of the Russian Navy, the "Yarsren-M"-level submarine will become the backbone of the Russian Navy attack submarine forces.

The 885M nuclear submarine is a multi-purpose attack nuclear submarine, and weapons include mine, 533 mm caliber torpedo, "caliber" and "缟 agate" cruise missile. Mainly used to destroy the water surface ship, submarine and shore.

Both hoses are used in the 艏 to reduce noise, radio equipment, modern equipment and materials, and the characteristics of the boat structure have been largely modified.

The 885M nuclear submarine has a diverse strike capacity, including latent penetration and conventional anti-sub-combat capability.

Due to the new propeller’s equipment, the reaction speed is faster, the thrust is large, the comprehensive efficiency is high, the advancement of the 885M nuclear submarine is far less than the conventional seven-leaf propeller and the five-leaf propeller to promote the submarine, with a motor capacity that exceeds the routine nuclear submarine .

After the application of new sonar systems and muffins, the "Yarsren" nuclear submarines have even have the same level of anti-submarine and the world’s first-class level.

Russian nuclear power continues to show strategic deterrence in the Russian Navy, nuclear power is at the best position, and there are currently 5 12 strategic nuclear submarines. The Russian Navy has repeatedly publicly opens the strategic nuclear submarine in the submarine base such as Wichichnsk. Recently, Russia announced that it will launch a "round hammer" "Blue Sky" such as Baren Hai and Ekock Sea, visible Russia is continuing to release deterrent signals to the United States through a strategic nuclear submarine.

Russia intensively expanded the naval power, intended to expand the nuclear strike strategic advantage of the sea. On March 26 this year, the first implementation of three nucleary submarines in the history of the Russian Navy also broke the ice at the specified time.

It seems to be ordinary, and it is true to hide the mystery, which shows Russia’s strong secondary nuclear counterattack ability.

According to Russian media, 2021 Russian Navy plans to connect three submarines, and the number of underwater ships owned by the Russian Navy will exceed 80.

According to the "2030 Naval Development Plan", the Russian Navy will build a nuclear power and die-electric power multi-purpose submarine, unmanned submarine, etc. More new equipment. (Gao Xinglong, Zhang Zhaoxin, Niu Jianguang) (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.