The venue around you can exercise at your door (fitness new field of view)

The venue around you can exercise at your door (fitness new field of view)

At first, I wanted to play a doorball, Liu Fang had to look at the venue with my mother. She said: "When the mother is young, the unit has a door, she follows others, I like this movement." After the old man retired, the door to find the door, either distance, too many people, the experience is not good Still toss. Until Guanshan Lake Park built a venue, the old man touched his hobby. "The bridge is cool and ventilated, and the surrounding is full of flowers and grass, which makes people feel comfortable. There are many juggles. The car is from noise, but it is also helpful to exercise, improve anti-interference ability." For this court Liu Fang praised him. The stadium under the bridge is a way to find the "fitness go" in the case of urban land. "In order to ensure the fitness venue, we have systematically combed in free resources such as idle, corner, urban bridges, and find out the number of available users." According to Wu Kun, deputy director of Guanshan Lake District, after many investigations Statistics, there are 63 pieces, about 50,000 square meters of idle venues can be transformed. "While adding venues, we also make full use of idle resources, install fitness facilities, meet your fitness needs.

"Zhan Yan, who lives in Jinyang Street, Golden Yuan Community, once every day, will shout on several neighbors, together to run around the park. In the past two years, 15 fitness facilities have been installed in the corner of the community square.

"Get up at 6:30 in the morning, give your child breakfast, put it on the clothes and go to the square fitness, exercise the equipment of the parts, special all.

"Zhan Yan found that since there is an equipment, the popularity of the community square is more prosperous than before. In order to meet the needs of residents, November 2nd, Guanshanhu District citizen fitness center unveiled at Guiyang Olympics Center.

Public sports facilities such as Badminton Halls, Table Tennis Halls, Basketball Halls, etc., and are scheduled to be free or low.

At the unveiling ceremony, Guanshan Lake District also signed an agreement with professional sports companies. In the future, the sports sessions, events, training, national physical fitness tests, etc., will be carried out in government-entering way.