Sea control global boutique Haikou duty-free city quality service "Do not fight"

Sea control global boutique Haikou duty-free city quality service "Do not fight"

Tourists in the sea-controlled global boutique Haikou duty-free city entrance to the world’s global boutique (Haikou) Duty Free City for map "Many people have asked my name, thinking that I am Hainan, in fact, I am a Sichuanese. But it is also because of the relationship between the name, Hainan has become my second hometown. "She smiled and said that" this year responded to the call of the country in the country ", there is also work needs, so staying in Hainan New Year." And Chen Hainan, the Spring Festival, I stick to the staff of the Supply Chain Management Department.

From New Year’s Eve to the New Year’s Eve, the logistics supervisor of the Global Boutique (Haikou) Duty Free City is the same as usual. On time to the warehouse verification, the goods are verified to ensure the transfer of goods during the peak of the Spring Festival, promptly responding to store requirements.

It is understood that in order to adapt to the "New Year" new trend, the sea-controlled global boutique (Haikou) Duty Free City is preparation in preferential code, innovation experience, and continuously enriched product supply, carry out The new spring mad season activities have not been reduced. From February 8th to 28th, the ascense product is as low as 20% off, and the glasses are as low as 50% off, and the red wine is as low as 30%. In addition, the duty-free city has also prepared the Spring Festival gift box and a beautiful gift.

On the day of the Three Valentine’s Day in the New Year, the tax-free city launched a rich and diverse activities such as the sweeping interaction and the high-end wine basin, and the history and interesting of the wine brand, there are Martell, blue belt and other famous wine for customers to taste, live Interaction is enthusiastic, adding a chic romantic feelings to the Spring Festival.

Because there is a unremitting effort in Chen Hainan and Du Fuling, the sea-controlled global boutique (Haikou) Duty-Free City is officially opened on January 31, 2021, and the sales have climbed, and the results are grateful.

It is understood that from February 11th to 17th, the sales of the sea-controlled global boutique Haikou Duty Free City reached 26.86 million yuan, including the quiltization, electronic sales area hot, duty-free products are becoming the "New Year" of passengers.

(Source: Sea Control Global Boutique (Haikou) Duty Free City, Shengshen, Duty Free City (Editor: Chen Haiyan, Jiang Chengliu).