Sichuan Chengdu: Building a green transportation system, bus travel, more wisdom, more environmentally friendly

Sichuan Chengdu: Building a green transportation system, bus travel, more wisdom, more environmentally friendly

The vehicle "rejuvenation" industry upgraded transportation industry is large carbon emissions, to achieve the upgrade of industry, and must speed up the use of new energy vehicles.

Rapid bus K1, K1, K1, K2 line around Chengdu Second Ring Road, so far, it has been operated for 8 years, and passenger traffic in the peak period can reach 80,000.

As a connected thing, run through the north and south of the city’s fast bus line, which provides a convenient channel for the citizens’ quick commutation.

Since 2018, K1 and K2 lines are online, hundreds of new energy pure electric buses, these vehicles have the characteristics of noise emissions, low noise, good driving stability, good safety performance.

"Comfortable and environmentally friendly, fast and convenient, 2 yuan to enjoy the treatment of aircraft cabin." "I didn’t want to get off, the weather is so hot, sitting in Chengdu, Ba Shi!" Not only the citizen is praised, the bus driver is also This type of model is favored.

"This kind of buse is automatic mode, driving very comfortable." K1 line driver Gao Jun said: "The new energy bus is running fast, helping to reduce the driver’s labor intensity." Similar Changes also occurred in the taxi area. In recent years, Chengdu’s new energy taxi has continued to expand, and the efficiency of launch is continuously improved. The government passes policy support, financial subsidies, accelerating traditional oil and gas taxi phase-out updates, encouraging more new energy rental vehicles into the market. "Chengdu is actively exploring bus ‘to’ ‘reduction’ ‘row’ strategy, boost urban green travel.

"At the National People’s Congress, the professor of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, Southwest Jiaotong University, in recent years, Chengdu has played an existing advantage to further optimize the travel structure of residents, speed up new energy infrastructure, playing in the field of urban traffic emission reduction Explore, the role leads.

Science and technology enlightenment, in recent years, Chengdu is constantly in the intention of transportation construction: Chengdu Tianfu International Airport put into operation; intercity high-speed rail construction continues to advance; Rongbo fast iron encryption operation … City International Comprehensive Transportation Hub It is constantly being consolidated. In May of this year, the seventh national census data was released, and Chengdu population broke through 20 million, officially entered a large city.

Population growth, extension expansion, challenges the carrying capacity of traffic.

In the face of the higher demand proposed by the population surge on the communication system of the public transportation system, how to pass technology to enforce, smooth and smooth, let public transport more "smart", the public travel more "wisdom", become in front of the manager A problem.

Chengdu Transportation Coordination Center (TOCC) is called "urban traffic brain". The first phase of the project has currently realized the company’s transportation industry has all data access, the city’s aviation, highways, passenger and cargo transportation, rail, bus, rental, webmark, shared bicycle, traffic control, etc. Coordination, aggregation management, sharing exchange, excavation analysis, assistant transportation emergency command, assist the driving experience of driving the traffic information, enhance public transportation efficiency.

Technical empowerment, so that urban administrators "see clear" in urban traffic conditions (operation monitoring), "shouting should be" in the city, "calling" (collaborative management), put all kinds of traffic decisions " (Decision support).

Intelligent transportation builds can be perceived, can be stored, visualized, can operate, command, decisive, and can share seven targets, significantly improved the intelligent level and application effect of Chengdu, which strongly supports the development of urban social economy. The time shortening is close to the railway bus, which is conducive to further reduce the input of input motor vehicle traffic in the central city, effectively alleviating traffic congestion and promotes green travel.

Just ending Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Miao Le, Cheng Ji and other intercity rails ushered in passenger flow peaks.

The "Tianfu" bus train with smooth body is in the Chengdu Plain City group, which is convenient for Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, Leshan, Meishan, Ya’an, and other places.

Now, from Chengdu, I can arrive in Deyang for the fastest 23 minutes. I arrived in Meishan 26 minutes. I arrived in Leshan 41 minutes. The distance between the city is constantly being close.

It is understood that there is currently Yugi, Cheng Peng high-speed rail has supported the use of Tianfu, counting, regular ticket, railway E cartoon and other payment methods, with the travel experience of walking, give frequent "office workers", love short trip The people of the citizens bring convenience.

Strive to create a city circle on the track of the city, adhering to the "four network integration" concept, Chengdu scientific integration trunk railway, intercity railway, municipal railway and rail transit, and enhance the level of bus network.

On the basis of the "1-ring 7 shot" railway bus network of the original Chengdu Plain, the Chengdu-China line high-speed railway, Chengdu outer ring railway, Baocheng Railway (Chengdu Jingqing Baijiang to Jintang Hutang) into the bus network network planning, constructing Rail Transportation System of "Hierarchical Positioning, Functional Complement, Convenient Change, Efficient Collaboration". At present, Chengdu to Plain City Group and the new city day of the suburbs increased to 373 pairs, the average daily passengers increased to 10,000 people (two-way to send passengers), railway bus production promotes people flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow Accelerate circulation, resource elements have also been optimized. The commuter passenger flow is stable, and the integrated trend is more obvious.

According to statistics, 2020 Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, Leshan, Meishan tertiary industry GDP increased to 66%, 49%, 42%, 44%, 47%; Chengdao’s four-city tertiary industry GDP accounted for more 61%; the third industry GDP, the third industry in the Chengdu Plain Economic Zone accounts for 58%.

Practice public transport priority, green travel, speed up the transformation optimization of transportation, build energy conservation and environmental protection, ecological intensive green transportation systems. Previously, Chengdu opened 13 rail transit lines, 558 kilometers of operation in operation; 608 regular bus lines in the central city, 100% coverage of 500 meters of bus stop; the number of rapid bus lines reached 12, "ring + Radiation "Quick Bus Network is gradually improved.

"11 + 2" area has 1020,000 units of operation, with a daily average cycle, and a bicycle industry enters the order of regulation.

In the future, Chengdu will accelerate the construction of the park city demonstration zone to practice the new development concept, do a good job in top design, subdivision task nodes, and integrate the green development concept into the public transport industry and the whole process. Let a green environmentally friendly "city boat" through the streets, the pursuit of happiness life, the pursuit of happiness life; construction safety, convenient, efficient, green, economic integrated transportation system, happy life, economic society Sustainable health development provides strong support.