Strong planning to focus on promoting the construction of rural Henan rule of law

Strong planning to focus on promoting the construction of rural Henan rule of law

Henan Provincial Department of Justice Department, Dawin, received an interview host: The rule of law rural construction is the essence of grassroots, please talk about the overall idea of ??the construction of rural construction in Henan. Shen Liming: The 19th National Congress of the Party explicitly put forward the revitalization strategy of rural villages, providing basic follows for rural construction.

According to the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the socialist democratic rule of law in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is more sound, and social management, especially the grassroots governance level is significantly improved. The Central Committee proposed that the rule of law is an important relying on the national governance system and governance.

The construction of the rule of law rural construction is the basis of the rule of law society. Henan is a large province of agricultural provinces, strengthening the construction of a rural rule of law, helping the village revitalization, and is particularly important.

  The provincial party committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the grassroots foundation and the construction of the rule of law, and has issued a number of opinions on strengthening the grassroots basic work in the new era of the party. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " Document, draw a road map for the rule of law rural construction.

The Provincial Department of Justice has been seriously investigated, and the implementation of the implementation of the judicial administrative functional role in serving the rural resolution. In 2019, as the grassroots foundation, 2020, in 2021, in 2021, the year, focus on the work , Personnel, financial resources and policy measures are tilted to the grassroots, and the construction of rural areas is inclined. Investing the "Regulation Measures for the Creating Activity Assessment of the Rule of Law County (City, District)", "Rule of Township (Street) Creation Guidance Standards" City focuses on the hometown, county key to grasp the village, implement dynamic management, and focus on 30 demonstration counties, 300 demonstration townships, 3,000 demonstration villages. Strive to achieve full coverage of the province’s rule of law towns (street), democratic rule of law in 2022.

At the same time, the "prize-remedy" is implemented, and the 30 rule of naming county (city, district) for each year will be rewarded for three consecutive years, and establish a distinctive orientation to encourage the innovation of officers. We are working hard, the Ministry of Justice The National Pufan is fully affirmed.

  Moderator: The rule of law is an important means of improving the awareness of the people’s rule of law. We learned that Henan is based on the focus of "Seventy-five" law. Is it based on what consideration? Shen Liming: More than 100 million people in Henan, the proportion of rural population, doing a good job in rural and peasant law, not only to improve the quality of the rules of law of the whole society, and it is also an inevitable requirement of the implementation of the statement of the country. We propose to accelerate the promotion of the rule of law of the leading cadres, "Six projects" and the "six projects" such as the rule of conservation projects, and give full play to the root of the rule of law, steady expectations, long-term guarantees, the purpose is to consolidate the rule of law The foundation of the country and the rule of law society. The "two committees" cadres are organizational implementers in the construction of rural democracy.

Improve the system of "two committees" cadres learning method system, improve their ability to manage grassroots affairs, prevent and handle contradiction disputes, and help to improve rural and harmonious stability in rural areas. In particular, "legal understanding" cultivation project, focusing on grassroots cadres, special part-time people, strengthening legal knowledge training, cultivating 5-8 "law understanding people" for each administrative village, and create a never go Pu law promotion team.

  In terms of specific work, we have focused on the three major attacks, rural revitalization, sweeping the evil, epidemic prevention and control, etc. Prevention and Control Practical Legal Information Compilation "Enterprise Components Recent Independence Legal Guidelines" and other promotional materials, guiding the masses to exercise their rights according to law, perform legal obligations, let the rule of law make a more vivid, more temperature, and more popular. Strengthen the construction of the position, basically achieve full coverage of the province’s rural rule of law culture position.

In particular, the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin and the high-quality development of economic and social development, the "Henan Yellow River Rule of Rule of Rule of Rule of Rule of Law" in the four provinces, and the "Henan Huanghe Rule of Law", which is the only rule of law culture in the country. Named a national rule of law publicity and education base. Moderator: Administrative guidance supervision according to law is an important responsibility of the judicial administration. How do you promote this work in promoting the grassroots levels? Shen Liming: Henan Province actively promotes the reform of township comprehensive administrative law enforcement, focusing on multi-law enforcement, repeating law enforcement issues, and effectively safeguarding the status and rights of special legal persons, rural collective economic organizations, rural cooperative economic organizations, and improve law enforcement skills and level. Incorporate township comprehensive law enforcement personnel into training exam system, unified training, unified examination, effectively improved the quality of township administrative law enforcement personnel.

  We will identify the "service-type administrative law enforcement training month" in the province to strengthen the business quality training of administrative law enforcement personnel.

Strictly implement the administrative law enforcement personnel qualification management and certification system, and may not give law enforcement qualifications without passing the qualifications, and must not engage in law enforcement activities.

The province’s administrative law enforcement "three systems" knowledge contests, the province’s participation, announced three batchs of 216 "service-type administrative law enforcement demonstration points", announced the first batch of 20 "service-type administrative law enforcement model" units, full Play advanced typical demonstration leads.

  Moderator: Playing the role of the people’s mediation function, effectively resolving rural contradiction disputes, what measures do you have? Shen Liming: First, give full play to the unique role of the people’s mediation to resolve contradiction disputes in time.

The six departments of Henan Province "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of the People’s Disconcerning", requiring various ways to take government purchase services, for the village (community), township (street), industry professional people’s mediation committee, county-level people mediation The center is equipped with a full-time people. At present, the province has established a variety of people’s mediation organizations, including 152 county-level people’s mediation centers, 2523 people’s mediation organizations in township (street), and villages (community) people mediation organizations, coverings have been further expanded.

  The second is to jointly introduce a series of documents, the Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Letters and Calls Bureau, establish a police docking, and alarming co-adjustment mechanism.

All local joint finance departments have introduced funding standards and guarantee methods to crack key issues that have long restructured the development of people’s mediation.

In 2019, the province’s mediation contradiction disputes, the success rate of mediation reached 98%, prevention of civil disputes from 819 public security cases to prevent private disputes from transformation into 412 cases of criminal cases. The third is to give full play to the important role in the construction of the rule of law in the rule of law.

The Organization Department of the United Provincial Party Committee, the provincial party committee, the Provincial Department of Finance, issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Justice Construction of the New Era", and the outstanding issues that have resolved the development of the judiciary. Coordinating the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the provincial party committee has compiled more than 800 civil servants in the judicial office, which is the first time in the history of civil servants in Henan Province.

Through the joint efforts of provincial counties, the staff of the province’s judicial office increased from 6,238 people to 8973 people. According to the "Henan Provincial Rural Revitalization Strategic Plan (2018-2022)", the "three-year action plan on strengthening the judicial office", issued a standard and assessment of star standardized judicial authorities, and strive to all provincial judicial office at the end of 2021 Built into Samsung or more standardized judicial office.

At the national judicial experience, Henan Province has made a typical statement, and the Ministry of Justice "Judicial Administrative Work Exchange" introduced the experience of Henan Judicial Institute.

  Moderator: Provide a general public legal service for the masses, the whole society is concerned, what are the specific practices in this regard? Shen Liming: The Office of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government Office issued the "Henan Province to accelerate the implementation of public legal service system construction plan", vigorously promote the integration construction of the three platforms of public legal services "entity, hotline, network". The construction of rural public legal service system is focused on promoting the full coverage of the township public legal service workstation and village (community) public legal service studio. Each village (community) public legal service studio is equipped with full-time staff, 10,000 legal service personnel serve as the village (residential) legal counsel, open the service grassroots, and serve the "last kilometer" of the masses.

Further reduce the threshold of legal aid, expand the scope of legal aid, establish a poor mass database, and smooth the migrant workers’ legal aid green channel, provide assistance to farmers, and strive for work injury compensation. Since 2020, 8,500 migrant workers have been accepted, and the economic losses of the migrant workers have recovered the economic loss, and the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers have effectively safeguarded migrant workers.

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