Strengthen enterprise innovation subject status (innovation)

Strengthen enterprise innovation subject status (innovation)

Original title: Strengthening the status of corporate innovation (innovation) Improve technology innovation market orientation mechanism, strengthen the status of enterprise innovation, promote all kinds of innovation elements to enterprise agglomeration, forming enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, industrial research and research depth fusion According to the "2020 National Science and Technology Funds Investment Statistics], 2020, 2020, 20020, corporate research and experimental development (RD) funds account for billion yuan, grew by the year, accounting for the national RD funds, The national growth contribution is reached. Enterprise R & D funds have further enhanced the growth of the whole society and become a highlight.

  Fight strike new coronal pneumonia epidemic, respond to complex and severe domestic and international environment, corporate research and development funding can continue to maintain high-speed growth, indicating that my country’s technological innovation main status is constantly enhanced, and innovation has become the first motivation of enterprise development.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Science and Technology, in recent years, a group of international competitive innovative enterprises has accelerated development and growth, played a technological innovation with strong military role, and more than 200 listed scientific and technological enterprises, the total market value exceeded 10,000 yuan.

High-tech enterprises have the development of strong growth, and new industries such as biomedicine and digital economy are eye-catching.

  Entering the new stage of development, power conversion, mode transformation, structural adjustment, etc. need technology innovation into new motivation.

Enterprises are the main force of science and technology and economic closeness, which should be further strengthened as the main status of technological innovation. The "14th Five-Year Plan" is proposed, improve the technical innovation market orientation mechanism, strengthen the status of enterprise innovation, and promote all kinds of innovative elements to enterprise agglomeration, forming a technological innovation system with depth integration of enterprises, market-oriented, industrial research . Strengthen the status of corporate innovation, to promote innovation elements to enterprise agglomeration, and promote depth integration of industrial research. Enterprises have recently left the market, and the desire to innovate in market demand, adapting to demand is strong, to encourage guidance companies to further increase investment in original innovation and autonomous research through financial, financial, taxation and other policy measures.

At the same time, deepen the reform of the scientific and technological system, improve the intellectual property protection system, promote the innovation elements such as talents, funds, and speed to flow to the enterprise, so that the company truly becomes a technological innovation decision, research and development, scientific research organization, the main body of transformation. Strengthen the status of corporate innovation and must further optimize innovation environments and improve corporate innovation services.

On the one hand, we must promote the national scientific research platform, scientific and technological report, and scientific research data to further open to enterprises, improve the scientific and technological achievement conversion mechanism, encourage the use of scientific and technological achievements that will meet the formation of financial funds to use; on the other hand, Give full play to the bridge role of the technology service industry, promote the accelerated transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In addition, we must continue to improve the financial support innovation system, encourage financial institutions to develop intellectual property pledge financing, science and technology insurance and other science and technology financial products, and help technology innovation enterprises to solve financing difficulties.

  Strengthen the status of corporate innovation, but also to hold the key links of "Niu Nose" and focusing industrial development, support leading enterprises lead to form an innovative consortium. The "card neck" technology of corporate technology innovation is difficult to complete with a single enterprise, and it is urgent to build a more systematic and comprehensive R & D model.

It is necessary to encourage support for leading companies to carry out major scientific and technological tasks as traction, promote industrial research and joint participation, joint investment, and share results, provide more high-level scientific innovation power to realize high quality development.

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