The Asian Games extended U23 national football loss training opportunities

The Asian Games extended U23 national football loss training opportunities

    2020 Thailand’s U23 Asian Cup, the U23 National Football Team has lost 3 consecutive losses. Although the Visual China Map, although the Chinese Super League has not yet determined the competition and schedule, after many efforts, the two Shanghai teams have entered the Dalian area to start isolation. This is one of the few Chinese football in the last 3 months. information. At present, the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Vocational Union Preparatory Team are trying to complete the confirmation of the third division. If there is no accident, the Chinese Super League is expected to start on May 27. It is possible for 18 teams to play 34 rounds without New Year’s Eve. The Asian Olympic Council announced last week that it was scheduled to be postponed from September 10th to 25th in Hangzhou. In the new season plan table of the Chinese Super League, the Hangzhou Asian Games had to set up multiple teams U23 players to prepare for the competition. Therefore, the league suspended in September to renovate the Football Association Cup. Now the Asian Games will be postponed. The season of the season is performed during the league, and there is no need to occupy up to a few weeks of complete time period.

  However, the news of the "Asian Games Delay" of the professional league time is not good for the national football -the national football has always been lack of long -term training, but there is a lack of high -level competition platforms, so that some people in the industry lack comparison for reference, but it is not as good as long -term attention. Asian football "enthusiastic fans" better understand the strength positioning of the national football team: 2019 Asian Cup National Football team finally ranked 6th, and then Qatar World Cup 40th competitors (group stage opponents are Maldives, Guam team, the Philippines, Syrian team). Enter the top 12 (the same group with the Japanese team, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Oman, and Vietnam). Until 0: 2 on March 30, the National Football Team will only win the Vietnamese team in the 10 games of the 12 games. In one game, only 6 points were ranked second (23 points in this group team Saudi Arabia, 22 points in the Japanese team, and the playoff team Australia 15 points), the latest Asian ranking dropped to 10th.

  Based on the comprehensive analysis of the team’s top 12 teams, it is not easy for the national football team to stabilize in the top eight in Asia in the short term. In the next three years, the competition task faced by the men’s football team is the one next year’s local Asian Cup, the second is the 2024 Paris Olympic Games qualifiers, and the third is the new cycle of the 2026 American Canada World Cup qualifiers. Among them, the Paris Olympic Games The Asian team has only three places in the football game. The competitiveness of U23 National Youth is not enough to complete the impact task. Therefore, the national football team is particularly important for the "World Cup strategy" to complete the new and old alternation of the new and old. The extension of the U23 national football team scheduled to participate will lose the most valuable actual stage of exercise (the Asian Games football age restriction policy is in line with the Olympic Games). According to the U23 National Football Bishop in traine Yangkovic, the team’s previous performance of the team’s participation in the Daisa Cup Invitational Tournament (4: 2 defeated the Thai team), giving the coaching team confidence. Completed the "home report performance" of the Asian Games, and now the Asian Games is postponed. The U23 National Football Team has only the July East Asian Cup Invitational Tournament to continue the mission -according to reporters, the East Asian Cup is determined to be held from July 19 to 27. Men’s Football The four participating teams are the Chinese team, the Hong Kong team, the Japanese team, and the South Korean team. Whether the U23 national football team participating in the competition will have a super -aged player to help out, it needs to be matched according to the list of Japanese and Korean teams.

  Compared with their peers, the U23 National Football has lost many opportunities for high -level competitions: next month’s U23 Asian Cup will be held in Uzbekistan. The U23 National Football announced last year to abandon the qualifiers, which means that Chinese fans can only use the perspective of bystanders from the perspective of bystanders. Observe the U23 competition in Asia, and 16 teams in the finals include not only Japan, South Korea, Iran, Australia, Saudi Arabia and other Asian teams, but also Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. For the team, the U23 national football team cannot participate in it, and the loss is self -evident.

  Therefore, the U23 player has successively lost this year’s U23 Asian Cup and Asian Games stage to rise, or it will bring a series of chain reactions: next year’s home Asian Cup match cannot be lost, but the process of "replacement with the old" is not smooth. Not enough to achieve the goal, not to mention previous experiences that in the U23 Asian Cup and Asian Games, there are even more planned and confident teams, and U21 players with younger age groups are usually enabled. The team wants to "turn around" to become the Asian strong team, and the initiative seems to be completely in my hands.

  Our newspaper, Beijing, May 9th. China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Guo Jian Source: China Youth Daily Editor: Cao Jing.