International Observation: The U.S. government needs to be corrected by the "competition" of "competition" in China

International Observation: The U.S. government needs to be corrected by the "competition" of "competition" in China

For more than a year, the Bayeng government has inherited the former government’s policy tone towards China, and continued to increase "strategic competition" in China in four dimensions. Sino -US relations have not been relieved, and the United States needs to be corrected in concept of competition in China.

Political dimension, the US raising system competes for the door, and has a big value card. Repeatedly hype the problem of "forcing labor", which is unnecessary, after the outbreak of Russia and Ukraine, the hat of "democracy against authoritarianism" is even more intertwined in an attempt to forcibly bind China and Russia and discredit China. The security dimension, the United States has increased its arch fire in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, and puts together the New Military Group. In 2021, the U.S. military carried out a total of 100 military exercises and training in the South China Sea and surrounding areas, which greatly exceeded the number and scale before the epidemic. The Biden government made several proposals in Taiwan. In September 2021, it was announced to establish a security partnership between the United States and Australia and Australia, further provoking geographical security confrontation. The economic dimension, the Biden government maintained the tariffs imposed by the former government to China, and continued to implement "decoupling" in China in high -tech and capital markets on the grounds of national security and supply chain toughness.

The Biden government has added dozens of Chinese enterprises to the export control "entity list", and included 33 Chinese entities in the export control "unbelievable list", trying to accelerate "decoupling" in China by abuse of sanctions and other means.

Internationally, the United States attracted allies to try to form a small circle of Chinese small circles.

Not only increased the layout of the Asian ally, but also pushed the European countries and NATO’s involvement in Asian affairs. Driven by the United States, in June 2021, NATO issued a communiqué and first listed China as a security threat.

At that time, the G7 summit also launched a global infrastructure plan called "Reconstruction a Better World", claiming to hedge the influence of the "Belt and Road".

The United States insists on "competition" to define Sino -US relations. It has caused serious consequences.

The first is to destroy mutual trust between China and the United States. Before the United States continued to pressure and crazy discreditation, the "fighting" side of Sino -US relations was significantly enhanced.

The second is to push up the risk of military confrontation. In order to maintain absolute military advantages, continue to develop and upgrade cutting -edge weapons, strengthen cooperation with allies, start to deploy more updated weapon systems, and repeatedly approach the red line of Taiwan. The regional security environment worsen significantly. The third is to prevent other countries in the world benefit from globalization. In order to delay the development of China, the United States uses political forces to tear global economic and technological cooperation, and adds a lot of resistance to the economic development, technological progress, and people’s well -being of the people in the world, especially small and medium -sized countries.

The fourth is to ignore global challenges.

Focusing on strategic competition has caught global governance. The United States has rarely provided public products for global challenges, and continues to create negative public opinion for Chinese public products, and obstructs other countries to cooperate with China. Global challenges accumulate, and the possibility of slippery crisis in human society has increased.

The "competition" thinking of the United States has not only caused trouble in the international community, but also hinders the development of the United States itself.

For example, tariffs on China have become one of the factors that stimulate American inflation. The suppression of Chinese technology companies has adversely affected the relevant US industries, and the establishment of humanistic exchanges is limited to prevent the improvement of American innovation, and so on.

It’s time to become a responsible power. President Biden proposed to build a "guardrail" for Sino -US relations.

To this end, the United States should be reasonable and pragmatic to look at China and the United States, and abandon your zero -sum thinking you lose.

Seeing a large number of common interests between China and the United States, and starting to find solutions for joint challenges, we can gather confidence for cooperation.

(The author is deputy director and associate researcher of the Institute of International Strategic Research Institute of China International Issues) (Editor: Cui Yi Ge, Liu Hui) Share more people see it.