"National Excellent County-Level Vehicle Management Institute" Phase An County Vehicle Management Office: Convenience Service Zero Distance Realization Window Business "That is

"National Excellent County-Level Vehicle Management Institute" Phase An County Vehicle Management Office: Convenience Service Zero Distance Realization Window Business "That is

Moderator: Hello everyone! Here is the "promotion of English" series of "promotional English" series of "promoted English model spirit" jointly launched by Fujian Provincial Public Security Department. I am Shi Yulin, the host. Today we talk about the topic is the public security vehicle service.

The Vehicle Management Office of the Traffic Police Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of the Chun’an County Public Security Bureau has been rated as "Excellent County-Level Vehicle Management" by the Ministry of Public Security in eight years. Today, the guests of our studio are the company.

Shen Shou, welcome you.

Shen Shao: Host, everyone! Hello everyone! Moderator: There are more and more people in the car, buy the car, the first step is to list the vehicle. In the past, the vehicle listed business, it is necessary to prepare materials such as invoices, insurance, vehicle photos, to the vehicle management office, but also fill in the table, check, submit materials, selection, etc., more cumbersome.

Dangdang, now there is a change? Shen Shao: Yes. Take our car management, in recent years, we have always adhered to the "people-centered" development thoughts, and promote "venting service" reform, through transformation and upgrading office, integrate and optimize business processes, in the vehicle inspection channel Set the camera area, the car driving number, the inspection area, the inspection area, the business audit window, the selection system, and the masses can pass the inspection channel, you can complete the registration business of the vehicle, no need to travel to check the area and the office hall, The "channel" test is taken in the county-level vehicle management office in Zhangzhou.

Moderator: What is we doing in an improvement of the efficiency of the use of the vehicle’s listing process? Shen Shao Wen: According to the needs of the mass business, we also optimize the functional district of the license hall, respectively, in the integrated service leading area, self-service area, and Internet business experience area, provide the masses with free leading, business self-service services. Reduce the wait time of the masses. We also will also move the production position from the backstage, reduce the circulation of materials, documents, and let the masses "witness" the production process of the documents, improve the disclosure of the certificate and the participation of the people; actively coordinate the bank and other departments, and provide electronic payment at the counter Service, maximize compression business handling posts and time, and implement window business "ready". For example, the driver’s license is full, we can complete it in three minutes.

Moderator: Indeed, very fast. We know that there is a coastal area, there are mountains, and some townships are relatively far, and the masses have a little time.

For this problem, how do our vehicle management addresses? Shen Shaoxin: Yes, the area of ??the jurisdiction in Chun’an County is relatively wide, there are both coastal areas, and there are mountains, the farthest township is 70 kilometers from the county. The business is very inconvenient, time consuming.

In this regard, we strengthen the department to collaborate, build a "police enterprise" collaborative platform, and create a social service window for the center of the vehicle management office, the traffic safety persuasion station, the insurance service window, the postal service window, the motor vehicle sales enterprise. In the insurance service window, the postal service window, set up a car driving service station, apply for the issuance of the inspection mark, complement aid certificate; set up a car driving service point in remote towns, and provide "mobile" vehicle management office, motorcycle registration registration and other services; Relying on rural persuasion stations in each township, Joint motor vehicle security and inspection institutions, providing motorcycles to detect the township services. Moderator: Let the data run more, and the masses are running less. Excuse me,,,,,,,? Shen Shao Wen: In the face of the fast-growing network era, we adhere to the concept of "strong self, build a network", and strive to create "online vehicle management office", do excellent "Internet + vehicle management", promote traffic control services "online office" " Do "" to achieve "not leaving home", you can apply for a replacement certificate, online inspection, six-year inspection, complement card, and other car driving management services. Since the operation of the "Online Vehicle Management Institute" platform, a total of more than 60,000 driving test has been taken. There have been more than 10,000 people to save more than 3 million yuan for the masses through small car drivers. Moderator: Through Shen Shu, we really feel the "fast" and "simple" service services served by the Public Security Bureau of the Chun’an County. But to achieve "business handling zero error, window service zero complaint, vehicle tube zero disciplinary discipline, people satisfaction 100%", indeed difficulty. Shen Shao: Yes. Can achieve such good results, inseparable from each of our staff’s hard work. We started from the details of the window staff, the staff is listed, standardizing the service language, doing talk and gas, enthusiasm; in the window’s promising position, the service is based on the service, the service standard, etc., convenient for the masses to prepare The materials needed; establish a daily inspection and active correction mechanism, every business of the police, after the completion of "autonomous inventory", arrange a special person to go to get off work before work, carry out random spot check, strengthen business supervision, Further standardize the business to ensure that the business is handled zero error. Moderator: Thank you very much for your vision, our studio, let us feel the efforts and achievements made by the Vehicle Management of the Public Security Bureau of the Chun’an County Public Security Bureau. thank you! Shen Shaoxin: Thank you for your host, thank you netizens’ attention and support.

Moderator: Ok, today’s program is like this, thank you for your attention, will. (Wei Pengfei Lan Zhifei intern Hong Sheng).