[Evaluation Line] East Lake Comments: Fen Dream -by Dream of Dreaming Economy "New Blue Ocean"

[Evaluation Line] East Lake Comments: Fen Dream -by Dream of Dreaming Economy "New Blue Ocean"

The digital economy is a new economic form that emerges with the development of informatization and digitalization. It is becoming a key force to reorganize global factors, reshape the global economic structure, and change the global competitive pattern. The government work report in 2022 pointed out, "Promoting the development of the digital economy. Strengthening the overall layout of digital China construction." Data show that in 2020, the total number of digital economy in my country ranks second in the world, and the digital economy scale reaches trillion yuan, accounting for GDP proportion to reaching the proportion %, The growth rate reaches%. The new economy and new movement represented by the digital economy are accelerating the formation of breeding.

In the context of the centennial change bureau and the century epidemic, the "new blue ocean" of Dream Dream Dreaming Dreaming Economy needs to establish innovative thinking, adhere to the problem -oriented, and promote the establishment of a new development pattern with advanced digital economic layout. Focus on consolidating the digital economic foundation.

Digital foundations include digital technology innovation, infrastructure construction and digital industry development.

In terms of digital technology, we must continue to invest in resources to improve technological innovation capabilities, focusing on "supplementing shortcomings" and "strong weaknesses" in the fields of chips, industrial software and other fields, and continuously deepen digital technology applications and explore new application scenarios. Promote the fusion of the scene. In terms of infrastructure construction, new infrastructure construction such as 5G scale deployment, big data center, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet should be accelerated, and intelligent, agile, green low -carbon, safe and controllable digital information infrastructure networks are established; Intelligent upgrades, improve the level of networking, intelligence, service, and synergy in infrastructure.

In addition, it is necessary to promote the integration and development of cloud network collaboration and computing networks, and accelerate the construction of computing power, algorithms, data, and application resources.

In terms of the development of the digital industry, we must accelerate the development of digital industrialization, and support the development of various new formats with data as the key production factors; promote the digital and intelligent transformation of traditional industries, and accelerate the "cloud, use, and wisdom" of enterprises. Promote the deep integration of the digital industry and the physical industry. Focus on cultivating the data factor market. On the one hand, we must strengthen the supply of high -quality data factors, actively cultivate data service providers, implement the standardization of data resources while improving the quality of basic data resources, and promote the legitimate, orderly, processing, collection, and classification of data.

On the other hand, it is necessary to explore the marketization of data elements, carry out data confirmation and pricing service tests, cultivate the development of data trading platforms, through government supervision, market self -discipline, rule of law and industry autonomy, to create a security, credible, tolerance innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation, and innovation Fair and open data element market environment. Efforts to increase digital ecological governance. Good digital ecology is an important guarantee for the healthy development of the digital economy.

In this regard, we must speed up forging data sharing, convergence, and openness, break the data of data islands, revitalize data, dig data potential, and improve digital ecological governance capabilities. At the same time, it is necessary to accelerate the digital literacy and professional skills of the talent team and enhance its digital economy development capabilities. In addition, we must focus on building a digital ecological rules system, increase network security management, do a good job of data security, strengthen data security awareness, optimize the digital business environment, and promote digital ecological health, orderly, and sustainable development.

Efforts to strengthen the digital economy cooperation.

The development of the digital economy cannot "close the door to build construction", and it needs "you have me, I have you" to promote regional coordination, strengthen internal and external cooperation, and promote up and down.

On the one hand, we must make good use of forums, large -scale meetings and other communication platforms, through mutual benefit cooperation, complementary advantages, and continuously enhanced technological innovation capabilities, and promote the economic development towards the direction of more openness, tolerance, inclusive, balanced, and win -win.

On the other hand, while exerting the advantages of broad markets, massive data and rich application scenarios, actively learn from advanced experience at home and abroad, maximize the use of innovative resources, deeply participate in global digital governance, and promote the high -quality development of the digital economy. Facing the future, we must stand at the height of the overall overall situation of the great rejuvenation strategy of the Chinese nation and the world’s unprecedented changes in the world, coordinate the two major events of domestic and international overall situations, development and security, and adhere to the development of the people, digital benefits, and industrial interests. The people, through digital empowering the real economy, have spawned new economic forms, cultivate new kinetic energy in new economic forms, and create new glory of economic development with new kinetic energy. Draft source: Jingchu.com Author: Mu Wei (Yichang, Hubei) Responsible: Liao Fengqian.