Yunnan Pu’er: "One Green Leaf" is painted with a new picture of the tea brigade

Yunnan Pu’er: "One Green Leaf" is painted with a new picture of the tea brigade

Pu’er City, Yunnan Province, is famous for tea and is named by tea. Tea not only brought considerable economic benefits to Pu’er, but also gave birth to a heavy tea -horse ancient road culture and Pu’er tea culture.

In recent years, Pu’er City has continued to promote the integration of tea travel, exploring the new road of development of "tea and promoting tea with brigade" to help rural revitalization.

(Photo by Zhou Siyu, a piece of tea) "Tea Fragrance" Youyou attracted customers to visit the tea garden to travel with red fire, sprouts, one leaf, and one smell of fragrance. In this season of Yushan, the tea gardens in Pu’er City ushered in the best time to pick.

Governments of Pu’er to seize opportunities, give full play to the advantages of ecological resources, combine the development of the tea industry with the cultural tourism industry, and launch an antique farm restaurant, a unique rural teahouse, a full -scale homestay … A piece of house … A piece The beautiful picture of the "tea fragrance attracted customers", which was leisurely, opened slowly on the Pu’er land.

(Photo Conferry, the Rong Media Center of the beautiful scenery of Yunxian Yi Township) In the Yunxianyi Township, Simao District, Pu’er City, the "Guanshan 1919" spring tea brand was welcomed. During the spring tea picking, there are endless streams of tourists in Lushan Village. Lushan Village relies on the natural scenery of Dalu Mountain’s "One Cave, Yishan, One Peak, and Yiyan" to carefully plan the tea travel leisure boutique line, and create the "Guanshan 1919" tasting experience center of Lushan Village Rural Revitalization Demonstration Point. The combination of tourist attractions with the tea garden leisure and sightseeing allows passengers to experience Pu’er tea culture in rural leisure.

By improving tourism infrastructure such as water, electricity, and roads, Lushan Village has been built into a star tourist destination integrating leisure, entertainment, accommodation, and sightseeing, and well -known rural tourist attractions in Simao District.

Sun Shanjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yunxian Yi Township, said that in accordance with the overall idea of ??"one tour and nine scenes", Yunxian Township has worked hard in tapping rural characteristics and driving the masses to rely on rural tourism to become rich and increasing income. way. (Photo by Li Ming, Tea Garden Train) Tea Garden Tourism also has the same popularity of Pauda Longsheng Organic Tea theme Park.

As a Tea Manor of the French Wine Manor Model to build the base into a "experiential", Longsheng Organic Tea theme Park expands the cultural functions, ecological functions, product functions and sightseeing and leisure functions of modern tea industry. Outdoor sports integration, walking out of a characteristic road of "tea area change scenic area, tea garden change park".

(Photo by the cliff autumn Qianli Ming) In addition to visiting the whole process of picking and processing of organic tea, facilities in the park include rainbow slide, cliff autumn, tea garden trains, multi -person net red bridge and other facilities Easy and comfortable, you can also experience novel and exciting play projects.

"Tea Fun" Cultural and Cultural and Creative has been sought after by cross -border integration. In recent years, Pu’er City has actively explored the development of regional and ethnic tourism products. Pu’er Cultural and Tourism Bureau and the "You Yunnan" platform jointly launched a series of cultural and creative products such as Pu’er tea cake Pendant, Pu’er tea record, Pu’er tea vinegar, Pu’er tea wine, etc., vividly conveyed the Pu’er Cultural Brigade with a fresh and smart design Once the elements are released, they have captured the "heart" of many tourists, giving "tea tasting tea" more fresh fashion elements. (Pu’er tea vinyl record Zhu Zheng) (Pu’er tea cushion Pu’er Cultural Tourism Bureau’s picture) With the increasing number of Pu’er tea demand, the town black pottery tea device combined with the combination of exquisite craftsmanship is sought after.

Zhenyu Black Pottery has good breathability, light absorption, and storage. Pu’er tea is placed with Pu’er Pu’er. It is the best storage, wake -up and aging container recommended by many tea customers. Therefore, when the most representative non -heritage pottery and Pu’er tea on the ancient trail of the tea horse, they collided with the most suitable "cross -border" cultural and creative products. In recent years, the emergence of tea -related tourism and cultural and creative products with tea has further extended the Pu’er’s traditional tea industry, drawn up for local rich national cultural advantages to complement each other, and the supply of tourism -related products has been effectively connected. New and practical black pottery tea boxes, Pu’er tea Chenxiang cans, Yi embroidery tea bags and other products competed to the South Expo and the International Tourism Fair and other international trade platforms to lead Pu’er’s non -heritage culture and tea culture to the world. "Non -heritage "Skills+Tea Culture" combined with the cultural products born to become a memory point carrying non -heritage culture and the "new business card" of Pu’er tourism image.

(Photo of Zhenyu Black Pottery Tea Drive, Teapot Pu’er City Non -Heritage Laboratory) It is understood that in August 2020, the 21st non -heritage workshop of Pu’er, Pu’er City, was established. Tea sets, tea pets, tea music, tea embroidery Wait for the "tea fun" cultural and creative surroundings related to non -heritage.

Up to now, Pu’er City has 21 non -heritage workshops, of which 9 major non -heritage skills are related to Pu’er tea, and most of them are developing non -heritage creative products with Pu’er tea as the main body. The mutual achievements have produced a positive role in solving employment and accelerating the growth of the tourism economic growth of Pu’er City. Wengong special products related to Pu’er tea are being established to the country.

The "Tea Horse" line scenery is good, healthy and leisure "health" has also been "nourishing". The "World Tea Source · Health Health Hearts" launched by Pu’er City has become one of the three on -list lines in Yunnan Province.

(Pu’er Tea Research Traveling in the Chinese Pu’er Tea Expo Scenic Area) In recent years, the Pu’er Culture and Tourism Bureau has actively integrated Pu’er’s rich "tea horse" tourism resources, and launched a series of combination of tea science, ancient road experience, tea festival performance, tea leaves Picking, hand -made, research entertainment, industrial tourism and other boutique tourism routes.

The journey of "World Tea Source · Health and Health", from the origin of Pu’er tea, the origin, cultural history and other different perspectives to appreciate the world of Pu’er tea in different perspectives; The heavy town of the ancient road explores the oldest world of tea trees in the world; "Mojiang Niche Tea Mountain", say goodbye to the hustle and bustle, overlooks the mountains, watch the sunrise, watched the misty sea, walks the ancient road, visit the ancient town, and listen to the old tea horse ancient roads The constant horse ringtone; "Tour of Tea Pottery", finds purple pottery culture, visit the ancient tea garden of Phoenix Wo, and experience the wonderful "chemical reaction" produced by the combination of tea pottery. The immersive tea travel routes led by Pu’er tea culture, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the tea mountains and taste of Pu’er tea, they also injected the elements of ethnic minority culture, which opened a novel "tea tour" experience for the majority of tourists, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one Pickled the tea -horse culture and nostalgia, has become an important resource endowment to promote the integration of Pu’er tea brigade. (Photo by Zhao Xiaohong, the Ban Mountain Hotel on the Chashanside) According to the staff of the Pu’er Culture and Tourism Bureau, Pu’er Tea and Tea Horse Culture are the advantageous industries of Pu’er. The construction of the trading center builds a large platform for the historic display and active presentation of Pu’er tea, and builds a new engine for the integration of "Jingmai Mountain+Pu’er+Kangyang" tea brigade. Create a group of high -end boutiques around Pu’er tea culture. For the improvement of tourism grades, it has a very important role in promoting Pu’er’s long history of tea and horses to promote the grade of tourism. In the next step, Pu’er will implement the strategy of integrating the tea brigade integration, relying on the "one line" (North Cancer), "One River" (Lancang River), "One Mountain" (Jingmai Mountain), "One Leaf" (Pu’er Tea) Features, comprehensively develop ecological tourism, recreational tourism, theme entertainment, fitness and leisure and other formats, build a "raising in Pu’er" healthy brands, and make every effort to build an international ecological tourist destination, and play a good world -class "healthy life destination" brand. (Dai Yan) (Editor in charge: Huang Junfei).