Recruitment activities of the CPPCC of Nanshan District, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province

Recruitment activities of the CPPCC of Nanshan District, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province

In order to alleviate the difficulties of recruitment and employment of the people during the prevention and control of the epidemic, on May 25, the Economic Circles of Nanshan District, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province jointly launched the "Employment Spring Wind Action" on -site recruitment Activity. Entrepreneurs members of the Nanshan District CPPCC Economic Circles have brought about employment information of more than 10 enterprises in Hegang City, providing more than 50 positions, including services, online anchors, warehouse management, and maintenance.

According to Sun Honggang, the convener of the district CPPCC Economic Circle, the event was "three in place" to ensure the effectiveness of the "spring breeze". The first is to propagate.

Before the event was launched, the street community carried out a weekly publicity through the WeChat group, posting announcement, hanging banner, etc., and try to achieve everyone’s knowledge of everyone in the jurisdiction.

The second is to organize in place. The district CPPCC Economic Circles and the street office studied and formulated activities. Each community staff went in -depth employment research to understand the needs of enterprise employment, and helped formulate recruitment plans.

The third is the service in place. Let the residents who come to job hunting to negotiate with the employer face to face, and the CPPCC members also helped residents who came to consult with residents to understand the current employment policies and situations, analyzed their own conditions, encouraged them to exert their specialty and seek their careers.

At the same time, the sub -district offices include employment difficulties in the jurisdiction into key assistance objects, docking with members of the CPPCC, and giving them career guidance. "Thanks to the CPPCC and the streets for providing us with such a good platform, you can find a job at the doorstep!" Li Ying, a 35 -year -old resident, registered for online anchors on the spot.

Members of the District CPPCC Economic Circles said that in the future, such activities will be jointly organized with the Street Office to help solve the problem of anxiety and anxiety for the residents of the district.