"Climbing the mountain to help the old people", "goodwill forever on the road

"Climbing the mountain to help the old people", "goodwill forever on the road

Recently, Guangdong Maoming, Mr. Yang, 12 people, and friends, seeing two elderly people in Tani, and they immediately went to the rice, and helped the elderly home.

It has been a favorite of more and more people. As long as there is love in your heart, goodwill will turn into actions, and you can also play on the way. In the face of two old people’s villages, these friends do not have the wall, but they are enthusiastically extended.

For the friends, we have also harvested the sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and enjoy the spiritual baptism and the purification of the spiritual baptism and the purification of the spiritual baptism and the purification of the spirit.

When you make a public welfare become a way of life, "Hoisting the old man in the mountains" is not surprising.

As a netizen comment, "immersion experience, interesting love, helping others happy yourself, body and mind have gains." The so-called all the people have a high fire, and it is very difficult for the two old people. 12 young people have completed the help.

With the acceleration of social flow, some villages "hollow", children "left-depth", the elderly "empty nested" becomes an embarrassment.

Whether it is a pressure of survival, or is of interest, the old man in the field in the field is worthy of compassion and care, it is worthy of "gentleness". Compared with the simple mountain climbing, "Histed the old man on the way" not only experience the fun of labor, but also feel the happiness of helping people. "Helping the old man in the mountains" is like a mirror, reflecting the dilemma of "randama success". In the case of rational choices, if you have a sufficient return and incentive, some young people will choose another way; they will not be like the old age, they are integrated into the blood. Complex.

Under the background of the era of Qingxian labor, how do you achieve someone in the field? The land circulation, cultivating professional farmers who have received good education, vigorously develop rural e-commerce, as long as the local land has become "the field of hope", only people have more and more willing to devote it.

The components and quality of this world are closely related to each of our characters. Dress up the city’s "magic gardener" in the past and down, hierarchically help the old people to take the big friend of the old man to help the blind security, seemingly tiny "soft power", which can make this world better. As long as you have the same heart and your concession, as long as your heart is good, everyone can light and warm the spiritual world of others.